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Blast from the Past

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    System has been very slow
    Taking ages to accept posts
    If trying to send PM have had problems ,even had site close
    more than once


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      Col if you get it happen again try clearing you PC cache, see if that makes a difference I know it has for me in the past.


      • #18
        Brian, Ill be brutally honest and say that whoever designed the update and executed it needs to take a long hard look at it again because it hasn't been working properly
        since day one.Theres no other forum that I know of with the amount of traffic that TA has with this many user issues.It shouldnt be up to you to deal with its short falls every day.
        Hi to blacksnake and sorry for the thread hijack.


        • #19
          Bob I agree mate
          If it wasn't for Brian this Forum would be long gone
          Its about time he had some help from the owner ,the workings of the site need Sorting
          Thanks for your Efforts Brian !!


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            Cheers Bob and Col for your words of support, Whilst I have always defended this site, at present it is at an all time low, there are faults with the software that seem to be unresolvable. Vbulletin was originally fine, but every upgrade seems to create another fault. Maybe we should not upgrade as a whole until the site has been tested under a new or upgraded software.
            Currently i can not get into the Admin side of the site, so can not vet new members, nor do any maintenane, so oppologies if the site runs slow. I was going to look at the front page layout see if anything should be moved or even removed, to see if that would freshen the site up, but will have to put that off for a while, any suggestions would be appreciated, maybe its time to put the talk bit of Talk Angling to the top, and drop the sales section down a little,