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Baits and insects

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  • Baits and insects

    Hi, I work on a project at Keele uni and I wonder if you can help me?
    We’re looking at how different scents attract or repel insects. I’m realising that there is a whole wealth of experience in the fishing community of using scents not just to attract fish, but also, incidentally, insects. I’m hearing lots of stories how certain baits on the bank attract cloud of flies, for example. This is all great data for us!
    So, can I ask if anyone have noticed any particular bait that attracts the flies? Or indeed repels them? Either is interesting!
    Thanks for your time with what I know is not really a fishing question!

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    Had hassle with corn and wasps on a few occasions. Always put it down to being to close to a nest.


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      Never noticed anything, but what I do know is,wasps can find my beer easily and Robins have a liking for maggots.
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        Midges seem to be very fond of eating me for dinner.I get clouds of them over my head and they take turns to devour me.
        They get into the most unexpected places,places I wouldnt touch with my own mouth never mind theirs.
        Evil little s.
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          Ive found on two occasions now that pol vitamol, attracts the s
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            In all the year's I've been fishing ,In have Never seen a Sweetcorn Nest ??


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              Cheers Billy .