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Swearing rule for posting on the site.

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  • Swearing rule for posting on the site.

    Please read the message from the site owner regarding posts made by members.
    Since the introduction of the swear blocker instances have dropped remarkably.
    Having said that we have many new members and a few with poor memories,the words NOT allowed by the blocker have been agreed with the owner so if you cant type it normally then its not allowed.
    Take note of the ruling that disguising words by using spaces or ANY other characters is not permitted.

    To clarify some points to members here is the sites position on swearing :

    Swearing on the site is NOT TOLERATED

    Talk Angling says that there is no reason to swear on a public forum, especially where juniors and female members are able to read your posts. We understand that people do swear by accident, however if you are typing using a keyboard you have the opportunity not to type it in the first place and you also have the chance to review what you have typed PRIOR to hitting the POST REPLY button - you also have the chance to use the DELETE key before posting something rude.

    So with that in mind the following rules will apply:

    1. The first occassion you are caught swearing you will receive a warning and your post will be edited.

    2. A second offence will result in a 24 hour ban from the site.

    3. A third offence will result in a 7 day ban from the site.

    4. Do it again and you will get a life ban from the site without appeal.

    The Mods on the site are not stupid and people trying to circumvent the swearing rules by typing things that are obviously swear words but disguised with asterix's in them or swear words spealt wrongly or with spaces in them etc.. will receive the same treatment as if they had typed a swear word as the person doing it obviously thought even harder about swearing and again had the opportunity NOT to hit the POST REPLY button.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO SWEARING in threads at any time of day at all, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE even if you are claiming its 'just a bit of banter'.... NO SWEARING full stop!

    Furthermore, ANY threatening of a moderator / admin will result in the immediate closure of a thread or removal of your post so that a thread can continue, abuse of a thread will result in a ban - i.e. if a moderator removes your post from a thread and you come back on and post the same or similar threats then you will receive an immediate 24 hour / 7 day ban (whichever the mod in question considers appropriate) - your only appeal is to send a PM to the site admin, but please bear in mind if you refer a ban made by a mod to a site admin and the admin finds you guilty then you risk a life ban from the site. In all cases the site moderators and admins decisions will be final.

    The site is for the discussion of angling and fishing, we appreciate an amount of friendly banter but please do not cross the line and post anything that is or might be interpreted as a threat or something intended to incite another member - winding up other members deliberately will also be considered grounds for a ban.

    Please stick to this rule as its important to the continued reputation of our site.
    Last edited by hurricane; 1st January 2015, 02:57 PM.
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