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  • Let Them Go To Grow!

    C & R (Catch and Release)

    We all need to practice releasing some of our catches to help sustain our fish stocks for our future generations. From pollution to acts of Mother Nature our environment is very fragile. We all need to practice releasing some or all of our catches. When you see my videos i do release more then 90% of my catches. Some of the reasons why i do-

    1) Undersized species. Wherever you fish you need to familiarize yourself with local regulations on minimum sizes allowed on certain species. These regulations were placed to maintain local wild stocks.

    2) Seasonal catches. Check on local regulations on open and closed seasons.

    3) Know your locations. Don't fish in areas that are either off limits (ie private property, military training grounds, etc).

    4) Practice safe fishing procedures. A example is using barbless hooks on Salmon or in areas where seals are known to frequent.

    5) Always take what you need. There are days that i go home early because i caught enough.

    When i do keep my catches i give them to friends & family, i rarely eat what i catch. I fish for the sheer enjoyment of angling. Recently i started to give my catches to the homeless when they're around. This presentation is meant for the pure enjoyment of watching. Respect the environment & above all safety first out there. Enjoy

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    I've bass fished on me local areas of the Thames now for well over 20 odd years, I don't actually sea fish for nothing else as all of me attention and years of knowledge is exclusively aimed towards the bass, I fully understand all of the rules and regulations with the IFCA and DEFFRA along with Natural England and return all of my catches as I only beleave in catch & release, I don't even weigh me bass as I find it much easier and quicker to use me tethlon tape measure and calculate the measurement to weight by conversion, I only ever carefully weigh me coarse fish if something is ever worth weighing, in a way I'm actually glad that many of these new bass regulations and rules have been made for recreational sea fishing and particularly bass seeming that they are probably one of main slowest growing species of fish along our shoreline