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River Steeping Opens

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  • River Steeping Opens

    River Steeping Opens will be running again this winter. despite all the EA`s efforts to prevent us fishing. ( or should I rephrase that as lack of effort to help us despite me havinga right go at them-with no joy.).
    The EA have had a machine down and cleared the reeds from both banks of the whole river--all apart from the roadside stretch which is accesable to anglers, and we use for matches--so we are having to clear reeds and make flat bits of bank as we go along.

    But we wont be beaten and the Matches will run every Sunday and Wednesday, (weather and River condintions depending) until the end of the season.
    Draw will be as usual, In Wainfleet market place at 9 AM prompt fish 10 till 3. £10 stake all paid pegging fee.

    We have had two small taster matches,

    Sun 4th Nov Chainbridge
    1st Alec Rawlings 9lb 5oz. Roach and Perch Including a 1lb plus Perch
    2nd Pete Harker 9lb 3oz all Roach
    3rd Paul Yarwood 8lb all Roach
    4th Derek Skinner 6lb 6oz all Roach
    5th Ian Brodie 3lb 13oz all Perch

    Weds 7th Nov Crows Bridge
    1st Derek Skinner 10lb 13oz all Roach
    2nd Nathan Watson 7lb 6oz ( Roach)
    3rd Mark Cook 3lb 15oz (Roach and Perch)

    Hopefully there will be better turnouts when anglers get thier heads in to winter (river) mode
    Bike racing, match angling pensioner.

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    Sunday Nov. 11 th Old School area
    All Roach catches
    1st Alec Rawlings 8lb
    2nd Ian Brodie 7lb 4oz
    3rd Pete Harker 7lb
    4th Russ Parsons 5lb 10 oz
    5th Graham Cripsey 4lb

    Next match weds, Nov 14th.
    Bike racing, match angling pensioner.


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      Result for 18th November Dovecote
      1st Richard Bond, 13lb 10oz
      2nd Andy Goodyear 9lb 1oz
      3rd Pete Harker 5lb 14.5oz
      4th Steve Reid 5lb 14oz
      5th Ian Brodie 5lb 8oz
      6th Kev Hutchinson 5lb 6oz

      I didnt make it my car went tits up on the way.
      Bike racing, match angling pensioner.


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        November 25th Dovecote
        1st Steve Miles 17lb ,
        2nd Alec Rawlings 11lb 11ozs ,
        3rd Pete Harker 9lb 8ozs ,
        4th Ian Brodie 7lb 8ozs ,
        5th Mark Cook 7lb 2ozs ,
        6th Lenny Shucksmith 6lb 5ozs
        Bike racing, match angling pensioner.


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          December 2nd Dovecore 10 fished
          1st peg 2 Alec Rawlings 16lb 12oz wag and mag Roach and Perch
          2nd peg 3 Kev Wilson 12lb 13oz Roach whip and pinkie
          3rd peg 10 Paul Yarwood 10lb 15oz Roach pinkie and punch
          4th peg 9 Mark Cook 10lb 8oz Roach whip and pinkie
          5th peg 5 Ian Brodie 10lb 2oz Roach whip and pinkie
          6th peg 1 Kieran Cook 10lb Roach and Perch pinkie and worm
          Lowest weight was 7lb 13oz
          The wind got up after 2 hrs,and made it very difficult --makes you think how much better the weights would have been if it had been properly fishable for the full 5hrs.
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          Bike racing, match angling pensioner.


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            have you a postcode for the draw please ?


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              Originally posted by vortex8217 View Post
              have you a postcode for the draw please ?
              Bike racing, match angling pensioner.


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                December 9th Dovecote 17 fushed

                Nov 9th Dovecote

                1st peg 17 Paul Yarwood 13lb 5oz, 1x 3lb bream plus Perch and Roach worm

                2nd peg 16 Danny West 12lb 15oz Roach pole and pinkie

                3rd peg 2 Derek Skinner 9lb 12oz Roach Whip and punch

                4th = peg 9 Kev Wilson Roach pinkie

                peg 7 Steve Miles 7lb 2oz Roach pinkie

                6th peg 1 Ian Brodie 7lb Roach inkie
                Bike racing, match angling pensioner.