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identifying fish

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  • identifying fish

    I'm still trying to learn how to differentiate the fish that I catch. If it's not a perch I tend to struggle. I did have a nice tench yesterday, but also something that I think might be a carp of some form.

    Could someone knowledgeable help me identify this fish - but also the key factors that lead to its identification?

    It's around 15 inches in length, if that helps - the net's far too big

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    This is a tench. The Identifying features are the fact it has red eyes and blue fins.

    Somebody more knowledgeable will be able to help you further

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      Ah, thank you. It was far more yellow than I'd expected from a tench, with those interesting patterns and a lovely rich yellow bellow.

      Very pretty fish though.


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        I have had some lovely Golden Tench off the Warks Avon, but strangely in the depths of winter
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          Cedric have a look at this mate it will help you out. click on the species for more info on them.


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            And it's green and slimey


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              Originally posted by lambrettasx200 View Post
              And it's green and slimey
              The thing is, this one is yellow and wasn't slimy. That's what confused me.


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                Looks like a normal tench to me. Golden tench are a lot lighter in colour. If you catch one you'll know. This one is predominantly green. Most fish have a lighter belly and darker back. The darker back is for camouflage against predators from above. Fish caught from coloured water can often seem lighter in colour as the pigmentation is not needed as much.
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