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Normark help

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    I know what you mean John....I knew jack about Normark but suddenly feel like an expert after some of the posts on this thread!


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      Cheers guys, it’s not all from my head though, I have a Normark catalogue from the 80’s called “your specialist Guide to Normark professional Rods and Blanks” which has details of all the rods they did at the time, with tips on rod building and ring spacings, because at the time Normarks were available as blanks, and I always bought my rods this way. The rods highlighted in the catalogue were the original NMB carbon rods with the silver metal reinforced collars on the spigots. So pre the gold collared Norborons, mircolights, krypton’s Titans, avengers, and 2000,s series rods. The tip rods highlighted are 3 x 120 10 ft rods and 2x 132 11ft rods. No mention of fast feeders or multi tips. I’ve had most of the normark rods over the last 30 years, they still hold their own against modern rods now, a testament of how good they were at the time.


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        Chavey i have too agree 100% about the old Silver Collared NMB blanks 12 . 13. & 14ft also the 12ft 6" that was IMO the Best Float rod ever made
        I used them for everything ,i loved them
        Back in the late 70s & the 80s i made up 100s of those ,i always used the NMPB (part built) blanks from North Western Rod Company because they had the handles fitted.
        I had 4 x 12' 6" rods until about 2010 when i drove my Car over my Holdall smashing very thing in it
        it had fell over & was restring on a ledge i went straight over the middle


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          Amigos, since my post ‘Normark help’ other Normark enthusiasts have assisted me to piece together the information I was looking for. From emails, texts, photos and even sending me original catalogues the response has been incredible, a huge thank you to everyone who helped. Along with my rods I have also collected Normark catalogues, including full price lists. If anyone out there wants information on Normark rods get in touch, no promises I can answer but I have a huge amount of information I’m happy to share.
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