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    Originally posted by jethro View Post
    I just wouldn't use low diameter lines on my reels, I prefer the stretch in line like Maxima.
    The stretching properties from Maxima is where the line gets it's strength from. Pre stretched lines are just too brittle for a reel in my opinion.
    jethro im after low diameter because i think it casts lighter floats a little bit further, i dont often fish for carp but i do hook a few thats why i want a higher strength with the low diameter


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      I agree with what's already been said: 3lb maxima for the waggler - soak it 24 hrs in soapy water if you want it to sink throughout the session.

      Stroft also makes a good reel line, but because it's less stretchy, you'd need 5lb and a soft rod to get anywhere near the equivalent strength of 3lb maxima. At these strengths they are both about the same thickness but 5lb stroft still has less memory than 3lb maxima so casts better.

      As an alternative for the waggler, you might want to take a DIP Chromium Pro, it's a good quality co-polymer line, very soft, sinks very well and casts beautifully - it's about the same thickness as Stroft. I used to order it especially from itlalia fishing, but I've just done a quick search and found it is available from GoOutdoors, and (assuming they have the right weight in stock) it's on offer!!


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        checked it on go outdoors but alas it had 1 review that was not very good


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          Yeh, that was from some sea angler - ignore it. It's a freshwater line.


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            Originally posted by Grey View Post
            Yeh, that was from some sea angler - ignore it. It's a freshwater line.
            going to try this line, ordered some off ebay