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Normark Titan 2000 Match - Normark Microlite 2000 Match - Carbotec 12ft feeder - Normark Feeder

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  • Normark Titan 2000 Match - Normark Microlite 2000 Match - Carbotec 12ft feeder - Normark Feeder

    I will soon be selling the best 4 rods I have ever owned!

    I am unsure at the moment if they are going on ebay or selling on the fishing forums but just letting serious anglers know that these will be coming up for sale within the next 2 to 3 weeks (when I get home)

    From memory the Carbotec F.A.S.T Feeder has 5 tips (2-6) but I would need to check to be sure. This rod is absolutely fantastic and nothing comes close to these rods, the Normark feeder has 3 tips (again need to confirm) and is a great feeder rod. The Titan 200 match rod is, as you are all well aware awesome......and the Microlite 2000 match is an unbelievably good rod and highly sought after.

    All rods are in good condition and haven't been used in a few years ( back injury ended my match fishing days as no longer able to hold 16m poles for 5 hrs!) I know these rods are highly sought after so please don't make a silly offer as an auction site is probably the way I'm going to sell these.
    All rods are going to be sold separately and will be posted at a cost of £20 -£25 pounds.

    I love these rods but I just seem to never use them these days. All rods were purchased by myself new from Exeter Angling Centre from Geoff and Kevin
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    Normark Fisherman, Sorry but this site does not do offers, on goods for sale, If you wish to sell these rods on this site please add a selling price to comply with the rules of the site


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      Ok sorry about that I've amended the post for information only - not asking for offers, just letting people to know these will be available shortly


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        I posted a new thread and I have no idea how my post has ended up on the tail of this thread!!