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Hooklength problem

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  • Hooklength problem

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any info on why, when I tie my hook lengths I get a kink in the line just above the hook!!!!!. I use a hook tier with power line, just done some with .13 and .15 line with 18 and 16 spade end hooks. Cheers Rob.

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    Turns are to tight on shank or your not moistening the knot before tightening.
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      What Spadger said. Also, make sure the line is coming off the front of the spade and not the back - if it rubs on the spade when you pull the knot tight that could cause a kink.


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        What Dave and Steve have said.

        Sounds like you are causing to much friction, heat on the line when you or pulling and not enough moisture.

        Regards Steve
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          If im not in a match ill usually tie on the bank
          im usually wading or sat level with the water so when I have my hooktyer and line about to be pulled tight ill dunk it in the water
          its all about friction and friction generates heat, so you have to get rid of the heat
          if at home batch tying ill lick it
          and as we all know dont pull it to fast , friction again
          I take it you are using a " Matchman " type hooktyer



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            What Dave,Steve and Steve have said,whipping too tight,line off the front of the spade,wet line before tightening.


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              If you use a matchman hook-tier you can prevent kinks by pulling the hook instead of the hooklength to release the last whipping from the metal loop if that makes any sense at all, which I don't imagine it does.


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                Cheers guys, tied a few more rigs today with a small tub of water next to me and dipped it in before tightening and no kinks. Tried the pulling the hook instead of line, was ok but too fiddly lol. Thanks all.