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Fishing insurance

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  • Fishing insurance

    Looking to get insurance who's the best to use

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    I don't have specific tackle insurance, but I believe mine's included within my house contents & out buildings cover. (mine is prob' around £1,000 or so in total)

    However if one has a 3 grand pole/s and say a £600 box/es etc, I'd be looking at a comparison site.
    Send them Images of the gear you want Insuring.
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    [B]Fishin' Best Fun Ya' Can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On!![/B] And Can't do with sycophants!!.


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      You may already be covered like me, for no extra cost??
      [B]Fishin' Best Fun Ya' Can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On!![/B] And Can't do with sycophants!!.


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        Research your options. I went along for a few years adding it to my home insurance, specifying items like the pole so felt that I was well covered only to discover a clause in the small print that placed a limit of £2k on any claim from a garage, which is where I kept mine. Took out seperate insurance in the end which cost around £140 a year but it is covered fully now. Generally with insurance they are happy to take your money but not happy to pay out if the worst case happens.


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          Thanks for the replies an I've tried the home insurance before an they would only cover part of the cost while it was in outbuildings I've had a look around now an think fishing care seems a gd deal for£ 105 a year its covered fully in outbuildings an in my van