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  • Liners etc

    Talking to a specimen carp angler on the bank,the other day. While watching his three rods, the bobbin on his left hand rod dropped very slowly , he said it was a liner.
    and thought it was likely a carp had touched his line near his bait, he also said that the bobbin drops slow because of the distance from rod to bait was 70mtres,and the drag on the line from the water slows every thing down, if the bobbin drops faster he claims the liner would come from a fish hitting the line closer to the rod.
    Does the same apply to liners on the tip when fishing the feeder at range
    Whats your views on this, is this used when fishing the bomb, to find were the carp are or is there a lot more to be read into these movements on the tip.we all know what to do when the tip goes 90% or the line goes slack, but what else is there to look out for, that would contribute to put more fish on the bank does, the answer to this, come from experience.
    I think I might have answered my own question.

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    Line, as ive previously said mate, you can find where your fish are in winter by applying what the fish are telling you with liners.
    Also when bream fishing with the feeder or tip, always have a few casts without bait in the feeder or hooklength atatched, be patient, a good chuck let everything settle and watch the line, if no liners then its a good bet to bait up and try that area, if you do get liners ( which is why you dont put a hooklength or bait on the hook or feeder) so you know the movements on the tip are not from fish pecking at the bait, then keep coming shorter until the liners stop, if your getting liners it means you are casting past the fish and fish are hitting the line between rod and feeder, but remember it will be nearer the feeder than the rod just work it out
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      Our lake is so hard going in Winter ( low stock level) that location is priority and finding the illusive carp is top of the list Rick, most of the lads target the silvers, ( in matches) with the pole. but just one 8lbs carp can put you in the frame, hence the bomb and bread tactic,
      In the past I have the odd success with a small pellet feeder, but I feel the bomb and bread will be better if I can just get it right, Thanks mate.


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        If the bobbin drops from it's set position then your lead has to have moved. Liners cause bobbins to lift from the set position. If you get a savage liner the lead can move but the bobbin would have to lift first before dropping below the set position.