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Set 2 rods up with just ONE REEL

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  • Set 2 rods up with just ONE REEL

    I got this very good tip from a guy on another Forum which I'm also on, so not claiming any credit but would like to share it with you on Here.

    So then - you have 2 rods (say one for feeder & one for bomb) but maybe just have one reel - Or a favourite one anyway!! SPARE SPOOL REQUIRED!!!

    Set just one rod up as normal with rod reel and THE OTHER ROD with the SPARE spool only. (clipped up to keep it tidy)

    When you want to change to fish the other rod - simply remove the spool from the reel one & clip up - then remove the reel & fix it to the other rod.

    The only thing to remember is to open the Bale Arm before you fit the spool on the rod you've changed it to

    Simple - but I'd never given it any thought till I read it.

    You would of course set both rods up Initially with the reel, then keep one rod set up with just a clipped up spool.

    Yes I'm waffling on a bit now, but you get the Idea.
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    P.S. - you'll also need to open the Bale ARM before taking off the spool from the first rod of course!!

    OK - so most of us old hands will have twenty or more reels that we've acquired over the years, so you may ask why bother??

    It's still a great tip for those just starting out on their Angling Journey, allows using a Fav' reel AND saves money on a second, (Probably Expensive) one. + My Tackle (Fishing tackle that is) is getting heavier each year.
    [B]Fishin' Best Fun Ya' Can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On!![/B] And Can't do with sycophants!!.


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      Been around for years... eBay item number:301318807228


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        Preston Innovations sell a plastic spool carrier that fits on your spare rod were the reel normally goes , when you need to use the same reel off the other rod just take spool out of carrier and replace with reel, and vice versa .
        Cost is small , keeps things neat and tidy.


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          l refer u to my previous post


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            They're good for leaving spools of braid soaking on the rod in between sessions.
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