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Chair or Seat box?

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  • Chair or Seat box?

    As I’m just starting out, I’m unsure if to get a seat box or chair, I’ve been looking at the Middy MX-100 chair, a seat box looks like it could be uncomfortable after some time, but I might be wrong, a lot of people use them, any advice is welcome.

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    If you are only going to fish with a rod and reel set up, a chair would more than suffice, however most if not all fishing specific seats are generally too low for the pole, the backrest would also be a hinderance when shipping back. A seat box set to the correct height gives the correct posture, which should have the lower leg at 90 degrees to the thigh, this allow the pole to be rested across the thigh and reduce back strain. Add to that attachments such as bait trays, keepnets are easily fitted to a box,with the draws useful for keeping loose items of tackle close to hand


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      I plan on using both, I have a pole at the moment but like using a rod as well


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        I find it more comfortable on a box. The attachements make things a lot easier when setting up. Used to fish on a chair but always felt like I was not in a ready position to strike as I felt I was to far back. May be worth your while asking to have a go of a box next time you see someone fishing with one and then make your own mind up.