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Hayes AC Bells Mill fishery Match pool 10/06/18

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  • Hayes AC Bells Mill fishery Match pool 10/06/18

    Again a lovely hot day, for it, at this nice little fishery.
    All caught a good mix of smallish fish inc Carp, Tench, Barbel, skimmers, Roach, Rudd, Crucian's, Perch, Gudgeon, Resulting in a close match
    13 fished

    1st Martin Harris peg 5 26lb 13oz pole maggot margin / top 2
    2nd Tom Martin peg 8 25lb 12oz 8dms pole short maggot
    3rd Keith Haynes peg 10 25lb 8oz pole / pellet
    4th Tony "Tunna " Jukes peg 6 23lb 12oz pole top 3 meat / corn
    5th Graham Coombes peg 1 20lb 13oz pole margin maggot
    6th Antony Marsh peg 12 19lb 8oz margin maggot
    7th Barry Lang peg 9 18lb 8oz margin maggot
    8th Sam Pincher peg 2 16lb 4oz
    9th Howard Lang peg 13 9lb 10oz
    10th Nigel Garmston peg 7 8lb 15oz
    11th Brian Haynes peg 11 5lb 15oz
    12th Eric Hall peg 4 4lb 8oz
    13th Derek Marsh peg 3 15oz

    Next Match 24th June Solhampton Partridge Pool

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    Sounds a nice close match Tony !!
    No one really running away with it .

    Do the members have a preference for that type of Venue ?
    Seems that virtually every club Angler i seem to talk to wants to fish Venues that are overflowing with F1's & Carp.
    Last year i was invited to do a question & answers Forum & present the Trophies @ a Club's Dinner & Dance that a Couple of Anglers
    that i taught as Juniors fish with
    I read out the Result for thier . Chairman's Cup match & an Old Fella had won with 63lbs of Roach, Perch & Bream .This fella had won the Aggregate & made a short speech about his Season the Highs & the Lows he Ranted on for Around 15 minutes about the Crap Venues the club had booked all year. He said of the 12 matches that he had won ,he had enjoyed only one
    When he caught 127lbs of F1's .He said that if the Club continued to Book Crap Venues were everyone struggled to catch even 70lbs he would not re-join this year
    .The lowest weight that actually won a Match Was 31 Roach for 47bs that day 15 Anglers out of the 17 that fished weighed over 15lbs of Roach made up of 2 or 3 fish to the lbs
    He basically told them that unless he could catch 100lbs every time he fishes. This year would be his last with the club .
    I have it on good authority he should be off this year. the lads that i coached from 8 till 16 have given him a few Hammerings off the next Peg .Ash has drew next to him twice the old fella has had 60lbs Ash weighed 217 .12.The following week they drew next to each other again & Ash weighed 151 .10 to the old fellas 90.6 .He He


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      We fish a variety of venues Col, but most of us prefer these venues, plenty of bites, and ya dont know what ya going to hook next ! the guy that runs this place John, said you can do 60-80lb of skimmers, the open last saturday was won with 80lb, its a newish venue, but had a set-back last year with KVH, so has had to restock. Can only get better. We've also got a few " Veterans" in the club, who we let have "early" draws and help them to their pegs, mind you saying that i think our youngest member is in his mid 50's the winner is in his 70's, and 13th placed Derek, is in his 80's.
      Last edited by tunna; 11th June 2018, 09:03 AM.


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        Nice one Tony, well done all

        We are at bells mill July 1st

        See you at Solhampton 24th June , on Kingfisher



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          Well done Tony, looked a nice match. I much prefer those sort of venues as well, with a good mix. Get fed up of carp puddles.


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            Thanks Guys, yeah see you 24th Stuart


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              well done tony my lot are on wassell grove this coming saturday and having fished it last month i know it's been stocked with small carp and barbel so loads of bites expected , looking foreward to it. we also put the old buggas in the early pegs or the cripple pegs as we call em lol ill need one my self soon,and like your lot we have n 80 year old a few in their 70's and us young un's in our 50's lol.


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                Thanks Keith, hope you have a good match at Wassell, you should try Bells Mill, think there are 26 pegs, but may need to leave a few out at narrow end.