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Peatling parva Harrow pool 13/5/18

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  • Peatling parva Harrow pool 13/5/18

    Fished Harrow at Peatling parva Sunday I was left with peg 13 which is a nice corner peg with a outlet pipe to the right of the peg I kept the match simple using 6mm meat and 6mm miracle baits hard pellets
    I started off fishing at 11.5 metres on the deck in 5 ft of water feeding meat and fishing meat had a few f1s early before moving shallow on this line to carry on catching f1s
    The second line was at 6 metres where I feed hard pellet and fished hard pellet in 4.5 ft of water this was very productive but had to keep chasing the fish through depths and lengths
    Fed meat at 11.5 metres to the outlet pipe in 18 inches of water caught on this line but could only get maximum of two fish at a time then had to rest and move back to keep fish coming
    Good result as I won the match
    1st craig Gubbins 113-0
    2nd Ross Macken 106-12
    3rd ash Pritchard 74-8

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    Hi Craig
    We were on the pool behind you ( I had quick chat with you before the start ).Shame our pool never fished as well ,it was a proper struggle .We are on Harrow in a couple of weeks time so hopefully it will fish as well for us .I though you might have had a bit more than that .At least watching you stopped me from getting too board ☺.Well done Craig.


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      Thanks mate I was speaking to one of your members you had way too many on that pool mate you don’t want any more than about 10-12 on it if we look like having a lot we try to book plough and Harrow and split between the two I was surprised with 113 mate I thought I only had 70-80 pound