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James maude ac sherwood fishery holmedale lake

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  • James maude ac sherwood fishery holmedale lake

    Saturday 13th July 2019 Sherwood Fishery Holmedale Lake (Skellydale)

    Weather: Dry start to the day feels cooler than normal.

    The 13th: Is It Bad Luck

    Many of us can’t help feeling a bit of trepidation when we realize another Friday the 13th is coming up.

    A fear of the number 13 is one of the most common superstitions around; it’s so widespread that many tall apartment buildings and hotels simply omit labelling their 13th floor. And have you noticed that some airlines don’t have a 13th row? Drawing peg 13.

    One version of the origin of this superstition is that Judas Iscariot was the 13th guest at the Last Supper and Jesus was crucified on a Friday.

    Put that together and you have one unlucky day of the year.

    And so on a day with a superstitious number, this didn’t stop Andy Bennet claiming victory over all with a very strong field to take the Fish O Mania crown

    Andy Bennett won a gripping Fish‘O’Mania which went right down to the wire as he finished with a total match bag of 52.200kg to see off the challenges of Simon Skelton (45.225kg) and Jamie Hughes (36.9kg) and take home the £50,000 winner’s prize.
    With just four kilos between the top three heading into the final half hour it was anyone’s match but Bennett held onto his position from peg six at the top of the leader board, taking 8.725kg in the final 30 minutes to Skelton’s 4.1kg, while Hughes didn’t net.
    As a result of his win, Bennett automatically qualifies for Fish‘O’Mania 2020. Runner-up Skelton takes home £10,000.
    “I am absolutely made up,” said a beaming Bennett. “I cannot believe it has come to plan. I was hoping they would come back late on the pole and they did, so I am made up.
    “It hasn’t sunk in yet. I am a fishing coach, so this is my living, so what this will do for me is massive. I want to push on and try and win more and more now. Well done Andy.

    Sarah Taylor of the Wirral won Fish‘O’Mania Ladies on her FishO debut. The 18-year-old had a total catch weigh of 18.5kg, made up of predominantly skimmers, to see off the challenge of Linda Abbott and win £1,000. Well done Sarah.

    Billy Marlow took the Fish‘O’Mania Junior title with a bag of 11.050kg, although he thought it was Nathan Mills on the next peg who had taken the title. Well done young Billy.

    Today on a day of Fisho Finals, the James Maudes Merry Men were back at Holmedale (skellydale). With four welcomed guest from upt North the Big Bash lads travelled down to fill those spare pegs, many thanks to them.

    The 13th could not have been more appropriate as anglers struggle to put together a good run of Fish, It was evident from all participants that the Carp were moving into the margins ignoring the hook bait, feeding on the loose offerings before swimming back out again

    The 13th wasn’t unlucky for a comfortable win from peg 36 with the only ton of the day as Gary Summerscales found himself back on the podium with 102lb-14oz caught on paste. Well done Gary.

    Alan Slack drew peg 28 catching for most of the day out in front on dead reds for 75lb-10oz. Well done Slacky.

    Peg 49 saw Tony Smith take third place with 73lb-4oz. Well done Tony.

    Peg 6 Phil Smedley alias Mr Consistency close behind in 4th with 73lb-4oz. Well done Smed.

    Biggest fish of the day went to Billy Harrison with a 14lb-2oz Mirror Carp.

    A great turnout out of 22 anglers with only one DNW whilst the rest found the scales.

    The results are as follows:
    Gary Summerscales 102lb-14oz peg 36
    Alan Slack 75lb-10oz peg 28
    Tony smith 73lb-4oz peg 49
    Phil Smedley 72lb peg 6
    Scott Dibble 70lb-2oz peg 31
    Billy Harrison 69lb-11oz peg 24 (section winner)
    Paul Skeldon 69lb-9oz peg 45 (section winner)
    Roger Summerscales 65lb-13oz peg 39
    Terry Wiggins 58lb-12oz peg 26 (section winner)
    Brian Cox 58lb-8oz peg 9 (section winner)
    Shaun green 56lb-15oz peg 43
    Ian Carr 51lb-6oz peg 33
    Glen Hanysz 50lb-4oz peg 54 (Big Bash ac guest)
    Dave Sewell 49lb-9oz peg 4
    Nick Heath 48lb-10oz peg 21
    Dave Lilliman 45lb-15oz peg 14
    Andy Waite 44lb-9oz peg 47 (Big Bash ac guest)
    Pete Jackson 39lb-14oz peg 17
    John Lanelly 28lb-9oz peg 19 (Big Bash ac guest)
    Alex Weston 28lb-4oz peg 20
    Mike Dodd 19lb-4oz peg 11 (Big Bash ac guest)
    Gary Butcher DNW peg 41

    Well on this day the 13th of undeterred Champions, It’s very well done to Andy Bennett, Sarah Taylor. Billy Marlow, Gary Summerscales and all the packet pickers of James Maude Angling Club.

    Next match: Saturday 20th July Little John Lakes Friar Tuck Lake.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.¸¸.´¯`.¸¸.´¯`.¸ ><((((º>
    .`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ ><((((º>