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James maude ac little john lakes maid marion lake

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  • James maude ac little john lakes maid marion lake


    Saturday 25th May 2019

    Little John Lakes Maid Marion Lake

    Weather: Warm bright start to the day with temps around the 20c, plenty of sunshine.

    Robin Hood aka Paul Skeldon and his Merry Men of Maudes, took shine to Maid Marion today as Little John Lake set in the stunning location of Sherwood Forest.

    Little John Lakes is situated on the outskirts of New Ollerton in Nottinghamshire and is ideal for match and pleasure anglers. Its three fish-filled lakes (aptly named Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and Maid Marion) hold plenty of carp but there is also a wealth of different species to keep you guessing what the next bite will bring.

    This well-kept venue lends itself really well to pole fishing and responds equally well to short pole, long pole, margin and shallow techniques.

    On many pegs there is a central island no more than 20 metres away that is ideally tackled with a small waggler or feeder. Keep casting and introducing small amounts of feed regularly and the fish will come!

    High praise must be bestowed upon Steve Beard for his hard work and determination to make Little John Lakes one of the best fisheries in Nottinghamshire.

    The warm spell of weather has really started the fish off spawning, fortunately for the anglers on Maid Marion the spawning had occurred a couple of days ago, but the fish were preoccupied with feeding off the spawn which was quite evident when we approached our pegs. Today’s numbers slightly reduced due to holiday commitments, but the quality and quantity of fish taken was impressive. Paste, Corn, Pellet were the main go to baits today.

    There must be something in the air around Sherwood Forest that brings the best out of Hon Sec Paul Skeldon as he drove by his beloved Holmedale to fish peg 4 on Maid Marion, a cracking edge peg that can put some weight in your nets late on, Paul started on 2+2 on pellet advancing out as the fish backed off taking a few Carp on Pellets, mid match the decision was made to test the margins and from this moment he never looked back as trashed rigs proved he was on a baggin session, taking some good quality Carp on Corn over micros and a very well deserved win of 133lb-3oz. Very well done Skelly.

    When your luck is in and you start the day with a draw for last week’s win at Holmedale & golden peg and pull your name you know you’re in for a good day. Gary Summerscales pegged on end peg 7 turned his nightmare of lost fish into a good second place taking Carp on paste out in front and down the edge on Corn to weigh 116lb-1oz. Well done Gary. On form Brian Cox once again fished a cracking match taking third place with 108lb-14oz from peg 18. Well done Brian.

    The results are as follows:

    Paul Skeldon 133lb-3oz peg 4

    Gary Summerscales 116lb-1oz peg 7

    Brian Cox 108lb-14oz peg 18

    Terry Wiggins 103lb-6oz peg 29

    Roger Summerscales 100lb-12oz peg 16

    Scott Dibble 92lb-2oz peg 14

    Dave Lilliman 86lb-8oz peg 2

    Phil Smedley 85lb-5oz peg 22

    Ian Carr 74lb-6oz peg 8

    Alex Weston 69lb-10oz peg 26

    Dave Sewell 56lb-8oz peg 21

    Pete Lambert 50lb-11oz peg 1

    Billy Harrison 38lb-6oz peg 3

    Nick Heath 36lb-4oz peg 13

    Alan Slack 32lb-7oz peg 10

    John Hall 28lb- 8oz peg 11 (guest)

    Next Match Saturday 1st June Portland Waters Canal Lake.

    Thank You for taking the time to read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.¸¸.´¯`.¸¸.´¯`.¸ ><((((º>
    .`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ ><((((º>