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Fishing dead reds

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  • Fishing dead reds

    Hi guys I fish dead reds down the edge quite often just wondering what people do about there hook bait so you put in on the hook or band a bunch on a hair rig? Also do you fish it dead depth or over. Cheers in advance

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    I’d just straight hook a bunch mate- too fiddly to band them- and i find slightly overdepth is best.
    Although i tend to use corn or meat before maggot down the edge tbh.
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    Alwight tweacle?


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      Generally put them on the hook. slightly over depth but I have put a bunch in a bait band from time to time when using pellets down the edge and found it worked ok.


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        5-6 maggots on a 14 hook. Why just reds though? I much prefer to have a mixture of red and white or bronze. Often red isn’t the best colour.


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          Surprised you havent Noticed Nathan ?
          Not many anglers these days actually think things out for themselves or try Variations of methods or Baits
          Sheep Maggots (Dead Reds )as i call them are the Best selling bait in a local Shop
          If they havent got any the bloke that works there said ,most of them will drive 15miles for a pint rather than have any other colour
          live or dead .
          Typical bait Sale in the Shop 1 bag of Pellet & 1/2 pint or 1 pint of Dead Reds


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            They also work well on the "BLOB" - just a couple of inch below the surface.
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              I was asked many years ago by a very good angler "what colour maggots are you using" my reply was a pint of mixed.
              He then said that he only ever took 2 colours of maggots with him and that was usually red and white so that the fish only had 2 choices of colour to go at.
              This has stuck with me ever since and although i do not use maggot as regularly as i used to it works for me.
              The last twice i have been fishing i started on a waggler feeding casters and a few dead maggots in with them.
              One week they seemed to prefer red and last week they definitely preferred white.
              It's a lot less confusing when you only have 2 colours to choose from.


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                Yes not just reds work. I freeze any left over bait. At certain times of year I freeze more bronze, white etc if I am fishing the rivers as although I may feed mainly one colour I always have another half pint or pint of mixed so I have a variety of different coloured hookers to try every so often. All gets frozen and used when ever I go on a still water for carp/bream. During the winter when popped up bread was working anyone who used bunches of dead white maggots also caught more than those on dead reds on one of the local venues.


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                  I nearly always freeze left over bait as well mate including casters.
                  It saves quite a bit of money overall.


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                    Not wrong there mate. Had a good few days on frozen casters. only thing i dont freeze is worms, but very rare will I have any left over and if I do just store them.


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                      Never thought about freezing worms but i don't use that many but most anything else goes in the freezer.
                      Glad it's not just me.


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                        A guy who is blitzing our matches at the moment is feeding dead reds in the margin and using prawns as bait , any thoughts on this one ?


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                          Had mixed results with pawns, but I'm waiting to get a tin of "HOT & SPICY" SPAM, as recommended by a good mate on another forum.

                          He says it's deadly for Barbel on rivers he fishes, so no no reason it wouldn't be effective on Commies.

                          They sell it at Morrison's Supermarkets (But not our Morrison's Online apparently, I've checked - we shop online)

                          Also some winning & good backup weights on Mussel with our club (cut in two or 3 bits and whole) down the edge & Feeder.

                          Using dry spaghetti as a Hair stop.
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                            Hi martin

                            ASDA sell it

                            "At the end of the day it's another day over" Les Misérables - Victor Hugo


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                              Thanks Mark, we gave up with Asda Online as they were always sending us daft alternatives to replace out of stock stuff.

                              For instance we ordered cans of cider once, and they sent an Apple Pie in its place instead!! (suppose apple being a key ingredient??)

                              OK we got a refund for said item and a "Good Will" £10 voucher, but not same when let down.

                              Another time we ordered a bag of Onions - They sent Tomatoes in place (Tomatoes were already on the order so ended up with 2 lots!!)

                              Seems the order pickers at Asda don't really care & have a "Black Belt" in THICK!!
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