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Match top 3 Kit What Elastic

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  • Match top 3 Kit What Elastic

    Hi All.
    I have a Match top 3 Kit elasticated with Middy solid 8-10 threw the top 2 sections only and want to replace it.

    On my number 3 section I have a map side puller, would it be better to put the elastic threw all 3 sections and have it threw the side puller.
    If so is it still ok to use the middy 8-10 solid threw the side puller or what elastic would you recommend.

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    I'd go for Hollow Elastic mate, a little bit more expensive than solid but not much more. I use it with puller bung kits (Top 2's) & lasts quite a bit longer too.

    It powers up, then goes again.

    I'm no expert but here's a Link which may help .....
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      Why do you want to replace it? Is it because the elastic is worn or is it because its current configuration doesn't suit your style of fishing? Or is it because it's not working properly? If you're happy with its performance and it suits your fishing then just replace but clean your 1&2 out before re-elasticating. If you're not happy then ditch the No1, bush the No2, and use the side puller. But then I believe someone's already said that somewhere....


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        Is it a middy top 3? If it isn't you can ignore the rest of this post!

        There is currently no stock of match3 fusion kits g16 or pro16. I've been looking for myself for them since before christmas with no luck in finding them. Fishing republic reckon they should have stock in by the end of the month.

        With that in mind I'd go light with the kit you have, 5-7 hollow on the side puller for fishing silvers over winter. You should be able to take the number 1 section into a shop and get the correct bush without any need to cut back. Use the existing side pulla and you should have something that will cope with silvers and smaller carp.

        Middy Karp g22 and g25 are available, and retail for about £20 less than the match3 g16's. They take a black preston external bush without needing any cutting back, And unlike the older Karp2's the G22/G25 come pulla ready. Section 2 on these kits are compatible with the Match3 no1 section.


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          Thanks for coming in guys - appreciated

          Hollow seems to have the edge overall, though Solid still has a place - at least according to the Link I posted earlier.
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            Could be though that old, "Heavy Investment" in solid elastic machinery is trying to justify its place in the market??
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              Do you have other top kits?
              If so- you’re gonna need to keep it the same length as the others- so that’s gonna determine wether you remove the number 1 section or cut back the number 1 section or not.
              You don’t want all different length kits or you’ll be feeding/fishing all over the place.
              If it’s your only kit i’d remove the number 1 and bush the number 2.

              Take a look at the knd elastic on ebay-most of my kits have this now and it’s very good especially for the money- a lot of the guys on here i know use it.
              Elastic size depends on what you’re fishing for.

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                Thanks for the advice and help, the link you have put Martin is very interesting Thaks has I am no expert myself.

                Regarding the pole I have it is a Map 14.5mt Lump Hammer a few years old that was only used twice by my brother which he bought new and then stored it away till now when I managed to get it off him the elastics are all Middy about 8 year old.
                All top kits are Maps Original.

                It has 3 power top kits and a match top 3, I have had the all the No 3 sections wrapped and put Maps puller.
                The reason I am asking about the match kit Has putting a puller in not sure which way to go with the elasticating of it, to keep it has a match top 3 or take the number 1 out turning it into a top 2, what elastic should I use, should I change from match 3 to a top 2, if keeping the match kit put the elastic threw the puller as at the moment the elastic only gos threw the 1 & 2 sections.
                Hope it all makes sense has I am a not sure which way to go.


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                  I have just measured the top kits
                  The 3 Top 2s are 300cm long
                  The match top 3 is 330cm which is 30 longer
                  The cupping kit is 270cm long
                  Has you can see the top 2s are longer than the cup kit does it make sense to cut them back the same length as the cup kit and re bush making them all 270cm long.
                  If I take the No 1 section out of the match kit it would make it 4cm shorter than the cup kt.
                  Your advice on which way to go would be appreciated.


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                    Personally I’d remove the number 1 from your match kit , make it a top 2 ! Then cut back and bush them all to the same length as your cup kit! It’s no good feeding a foot shorter than your rig! An inch or so but not a foot! But then again a foot is a lot to cut back from your topkits! Good luck


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                      Good advice from Paul a simple cheaper way of buying elastic buy only What you need
                      Bob if it's of any use to you my advice I use match tops for all my pole fishing (no1 removed) poke is balanced perfectly ,,IMO power tops make poles too heavy .
                      Elastics are a Personal preference & I was quite late compared to some a lot of Anglers actually changing over to Hollows. I Was given a 1.000mtr Drum of Original Black Hydro by a company I was Repping for , although I sold thousands of ££££s worth into he shops i carried on using Solids for about another 4 years before I opened my box. The original Black Hydro was the Dog's doo day's .The only thing I didn't like was how thick it was !!
                      Eventually i started experimenting with every new Elastic to hit the market ,Nothing came close unlike the Hydro that lasted for years never needed changing or cutting back ,unlike all the others that constantly needed checking around spiders or Stonfos .the quality just got worse ,the price just kept going up .
                      Eventually i started drifting back to Solids, with Pulla Bungs (Old) type.for £2.i could do 3 kits .i can change all my Kits for £15 or buy 1 spool of Hollow for the same cost.
                      I actually prefer Solid Elastics i use Preston Original Black no 8 , Preston Original Blue No10 & Future Purple 14/16 + 5 Tops only with Original Black Hydro
                      I Change them all @ the end of year regardless if they need changing or Not
                      I buy 5 x 8s . 5x 10s & 5 x 14/16s & £1.99each that's 15 Tops of each @ £29.85 total + 5 Hydro FOC .


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                        I would either get another cupping kit or lengthen your current one. Your power kits I wouldn't touch if they work ok. Removal of the match No1.....does it get you anywhere near the power kit length?
                        Definitely the cupping kit for me....ask mates for any broken sections that could be cut up and glued on to get some length back. Don't cut top kits until you're 100% certain you need to as once it's done there's no going back.

                        Agree with Colin on the elastics 100%. Nothing wrong with solid elastic at all.
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                          Cyber Bully 😉
                          Good point about the Cupping kit.
                          I completely Forgot that one .i Made mine from Power Tops .I have 2 that I cut back to the same length as the Match Kit with Threads on to Screw pots on
                          I also have a Heavy Duty Kit for those days when we put loads in or Want to Roll big balls of Groundbait in,
                          that frighten the life out of you inch the pole out ,
                          Watching that alarming bend developing in your precious pole waiting for that terrifying crack as the no 4 or 5 explodes 😨😡
                          I also have 3 or 4 sit on adaptors that fit section 5 to 9 for when you want to hold everything still
                          These are things that people like us do naturaly without thinking .
                          Things that to someone not so experienced may seem Pointless or even acts of pure Genius
                          But never the less just 2nd nature to some of us


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                            I'm lucky in that I got a Garbolino extending cupping kit with my G10 ten years ago and it's been a godsend. I've attached a wire loop at the base of the cup adapter so I can clip on a dedicated baitdropper lanyard. Simple, unobtrusive, but for me invaluable.
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                              Thanks Col & Team Rattler Looking at the top kits I feel its not the direction to go cutting them down more so I would be gutted if something went wrong as for the match kit maybe it looks like has said by Col remove the No1 section and elasticated with middy sold say 8-10 threw top 2 and side puller.