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Match fishing magazine

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  • Match fishing magazine

    Hi All

    Santa delivered Match Fishing Mag 1yr subscription

    Watch this space!


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    Payed for my Match Fishing Mag 1yr subscription last month and still waiting for it


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      Maybe set up to start new year??

      Just trying to be positive!! - wife says I'm an incurable cynic though!!
      [B]Fishin' Best Fun Ya' Can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On!![/B] And Can't do with sycophants!!.


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        Originally posted by cockneybob View Post
        Payed for my Match Fishing Mag 1yr subscription last month and still waiting for it
        Bob starts issue 1 January 2018.


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          Originally posted by lambrettasx200 View Post
          Bob starts issue 1 January 2018.
          Thanks for letting me know lads you are probably right maybe it starts 1st Jan, look forward to it then

          I have been getting the pole fishing Mag the last 2 years, and its beginning to repeat itself plus I can go back to back issues to catch up.

          So thats why I am trying the match fishing mag caters for the feeder and waggler side.

          Any comments you can give me on what the mag is like would be greatfull.


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            Hi Lads, Received my mag today


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              I get my MATCH FISHING magazine from Tesco, at the moment comes with free D V D or a free POLE FISHING magazine I try to inwardly digest every tactic but, things never turn out the same for me as the experts, but still its a good read and keeps you in touch with who is winning, on different venues and also keeps us up-to date with the tackle industry as to whats new etc
              Now Joe Carass has taken over as Editor, I feel the mag has improved, always getting top advice from current modern day Match Men who are at the very top of there game be it river, res, lake, commercial, all the biggest names in Match fishing do articles on the tactics they use, these are the REAL Match fishermen (as it was said in a recent post) who do win regular on all types of venues, not just rivers. There is also section on feeder fishing on all types of venues too, plus most of the big tackle company's and shops advertise the latest tackle for sale.
              So for me personally its a good read, hope you enjoy it too SLOWTRAIN9