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  • Fosters

    Rumours abound that Fosters have been bought out by Angling Direct, Can anyone confirm whether this is correct?
    Great shop, great service and really good knowledgeable staff. Fingers crossed that rumours are unfounded.

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    Bad news Jimbo saw this on Md's Yesterday,


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      Sold for £3..million...I'm sure they will retain their staff but...I would have thought they will want to make this there flagship store as Foster's has such a strong following and it's central location offers great access...I think a good tidy up and a bit of re-branding will breathe new life into the business.
      " if a dogs born in a stable, does it make it a horse? Aye up ducky!!


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        Press Release.........

        Fosters of Birmingham Sold

        Angling Direct Plc (AIM: ANG.L), the largest specialist fishing tackle and equipment retailer in the UK, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the entire issued share capital of Fosters Fishing Limited ("Fosters") for a total consideration of £3.0 million payable in cash.

        From a 17,000 sq ft superstore located on the outskirts of Birmingham, Fosters, which trades as Fosters of Birmingham, currently operates as one of the largest fishing tackle retailers in Europe. Having been in business for over 30 years and holding c£1.2 million of stock, Fosters caters for all types of fishing disciplines. The store is located just 5 minutes from J6 of the M6 and just 3.5 miles from Birmingham city centre.

        This latest acquisition increases Angling Direct's presence in the Midlands, together with its Halesowen and Willenhall stores. The acquisition takes the total number of Angling Direct stores to 17, with a new store in Slough due to open in early October as previously announced.

        Following completion of the acquisition, Mark Foster, will remain with Fosters for a few weeks to ensure a smooth handover, and Richard Foster, will continue to work in the business on a part time basis.

        Darren Bailey, CEO of Angling Direct, commented: "Fosters is a long-established and very successful business with a loyal customer base and knowledgeable team. The acquisition will be earnings enhancing from day one and validates Angling Direct's long-term strategy - to consolidate the fishing tackle market whilst expanding our business through acquisition.

        "We look forward to working closely and supporting the Fosters team with the integration over the coming months."


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          Tbf I thought this was happening when they shut down for 2 days to do a full stock take...
          " if a dogs born in a stable, does it make it a horse? Aye up ducky!!


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            Statement From Fosters of Birmingham

            We also don't want change and AD don't want to change what we've built up, they [Angling Direct] just want to better everything where they can. Being the size that we are, they plan on making us the best stocked shop in the country and I'm sure the plans for in-store will only enhance you experience. AD also recognise that the staff are like an extended family and a lot of customers come here for the friendly staff and that's something they simply won't change.


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              Give them time.
              They will soon fill it full of cheap carp tackle and budget price garbage. Ron Thompson, TFG to name but 2.
              On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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                There are a few very good Angling direct branches,there’s also some proper crappy ones as well


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                  One shop I have never visited but have always meant to

                  "At the end of the day it's another day over" Les Misérables - Victor Hugo


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                    will be the end of discounts for the regular customers....
                    Real men fish rivers


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                      taken over coz they're good at what they do.AD wants a slice of that, reckon it'll be biz as usual, they have enough room there to stock everything. AD have buy power so it may benifit us


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                        Have had dealings with Fosters since the. Day they Started Trading ,both on a Professional & a Customer Basis.
                        From Humble beginnings through to the Present Day Mega Store ,Fosters have retained the Personal Service side of the Business.
                        They have never forgot. Where they came from & every Single Customer that has taken them on the Journey to where they are Now.
                        Everyone that walks through the door is afforded the exact same assistance regardless ,who they are International Anglers to the little boy going on his 1st ever fishing trip, no one is any different
                        Richard reminds me of the late Billy Lane ,Always on site ,always takes the time to acknowledge customers,
                        Years ago he realised that the Customer would Benefit from being Served by Anglers that were fully conversant in their respective Genres of Angling .So he employed Respected Anglers from all sides of the Sport Match ,Specimen , man those. Sides of the business & he moulded them into a successful Sales team, capable of offering Relative advice @ all levels.
                        There have been so many times I have been Tempted to go & Work for Richard ,,something that I sometimes wish I had of done
                        Too late Now
                        It would be Great if AD actually leave Fosters to continue in the Same Manner with the. Same Staff expertise as now ,personally after an initial changeover period I envisage Staff being reduced ,High End Specialty Items declining, Eventually the personal side of the business being lost.
                        Culminating in The Mega Store being tune by a reduced staff that will take your order & payment ,if you know what you want, No. Advice given !!
                        Your order will be picked your number will pop up & you are Done .Just like Argos ☹
                        I really hope it does not go that Way but the shop is such a huge outlet ,,it will be the easiest way to reduce staff & Costs
                        In Closing I personally would like to Thank Richard Foster for taking Fishing Tackle retail into the 21st century & every member of Staff past & Present for a job well done
                        only Trophy left now Stock Millions premises not so much ,Another Real Shop
                        Give you a ricket then your number will pop up


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                          My concern is that Angling Direct and Fishing Republic will control the whole or most of the tackle market in the UK. When that happens they will screw the suppliers into the ground to get ultra cheap prices in the same way Tescos have done in the grocery market. Their main priority will be better and better profit margin, nothing wrong in that all business's need to make profit but at what cost?

                          To be honest I bought some Sphere quiver tips mail order from AD and they use Parcel Force who sent them too the wrong depot twice and a young lady from AD sorted it out quickly and kept me informed all the way. Also visited a FR branch a month ago and will never return. The fishing tackle trade need experienced anglers in shops like Fosters because of the reasons COL mentioned.


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                            Seems like fosters have been very clever,take the money while its available.Angler numbers are well down and will continue to drop as theres very few younger people bothering.So surely profits will drop over the coming years and the business will be worth less money.Its a shame because as lambretta said after a bedding in period they might look at trimming staff most businesses seem to do it after promising THEY WONT.


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                              Well if my experience of the only AD shop i've been to is anything to go by this isn`t good news. To be fair we have to give them time and a fair crack of the whip but the general feeling is quite negative about this - and there must be a reason for that.
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