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450 dead Carp and rising.

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    In accordance with advice from the Marine Institute, Inland Fisheries Ireland have informed us that Inniscarra Lake must remain closed until the mortalities at the two Lough’s in Cork cease. This measure has been taken to minimise the risk of Carp Edema Virus (CEV), detected in the carp samples taken from these locations spreading to the reservoir.
    We respect that anglers booked into the upcoming festivals need time if they are to make alternative arrangements and we have therefore taken the decision to cancel the Hackett Cup 5-day Festival commencing 21st May, preceded by the Guinness Cup Open on the 20th. We regret having to make this decision but the preservation of our venue and it’s fish stocks must come first.
    The situation that has occurred in Cork with nearly 3.8 tonnes of Carp dead is distressing. But the mortalities are now slowing down and we sincerely hope the next series of festivals starting on the 26th May will go ahead.

    (side note)

    Fisheries Officers in Cork have removed 757 dead carp from The Lough and collected 207 from Belvelly Lake as of 14th May. Just under 3.8 tonnes of fish have been destroyed to date.
    Inniscarra and Carrigadrohid reservoirs remain closed for all angling until mortalities at the Lough and Belvelly cease. This measure has been taken to minimise the risk of Carp Edema Virus (CEV), detected in the carp samples taken from The Lough and Belvelly, spreading to the reservoirs.
    Anglers are advised to stay away from the waters and IFI protection officers are patrolling the area to enforce the restrictions.
    We would remind ALL anglers to continue to follow appropriate disinfection procedures for all gear and to comply with local notices and bio-security measures.

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      Hi Bob
      How are things looking this week ? Has there been any improvement .


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        Trouble with this disease is it can slow down, appear to vanish and then return with a vengeance, I fear the only action will be to empty the lakes of fish and leave them fallow for a full winter.
        You simply cannot take any chances with an eco system as diverse as the Irish lakes. I do a lot of fishing around the midlands (Tullamore) and I know of one venue around there that holds carp. Let's just hope it remains contained, on another note, I feared that something like this would happen in English waters a long time ago and I know me and Big Col had a discussion around it on here a few years ago.
        These factory farmed fish and man made waters are a nightmare and a time bomb waiting to happen.
        On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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          Nail on the head Spadger,
          The update reads like this.
          Regrettably the carp mortalities at two Loughs in Cork are yet to cease and whilst the Marine Institute continue with their research Inland Fisheries Ireland have made the decision to keep Inniscarra Lake closed until the 31st of May at least.
          We understand that this situation is not ideal especially for those travelling from overseas for their Irish angling holiday. Having contacted many of those booked for the next round of festivals commencing on 26th of May it is apparent that whilst tour operators have been helpful in accommodating anglers elsewhere there are some for whom it is not possible, or too costly to change their holiday. We have therefore sourced a local venue, and another in Fermoy should it be required, that will allow us to continue with the festivals albeit on a smaller scale. We thank those for their loyalty to the rural community of Coachford and surrounding area that relies so heavily on angling tourism and will continue with their holiday.
          The protection of our fishery and its fish stocks takes precedence and all anglers will carry out extra stringent bio-security processes to protect the venues we shall fish. Anglers will be required to dip all their items that have contact with the water for a minimum of 15 minutes in our on-site tanks at O'Callaghans Bar & Guest House and this process will be managed closely. In addition we shall be spraying vehicles before entering the fields of local landowners who are kindly allowing us access to fish. We also ask that the same process is undertaken before your departure from Ireland.
          If you have not yet contacted match organiser Kevin Grey or your plans have changed please get in touch on 0783 372756 or If you are unable to attend we kindly ask that you have made your intentions clear to your accommodation provider.
          If you are thinking of coming pleasure fishing in the area in the foreseeable future please monitor this page and contact 021 733 4023 before travel.
          Updates in relation to the outbreak from the IFI can be seen here
          Inniscarra Tourism Development Ltd and the match organisers would like to thank everyone for their understanding in these difficult times.