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Big Fish in the Midlands....

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  • Big Fish in the Midlands....

    I'm new to Big specimen fishing, want to start catching some big Carp, tench & Bream.

    Can anyone recommend suitable fisheries in the Midlands???



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    Hi Jim, not an easy one to answer,been looking for "bigger" fish in the midlands for the last 40 yrs,the way I see it you have 3 main lines of attack.
    1. find a syndicate water,often expesive,with a dead mans shoes policy and sometimes living on a reputation. the many parks pools,that hold some real specimens but are not the nicest of places and need a cautious approach,but the results can be fantastic.
    3.get down to one of the commies like Earlswood,but only fish "speci" tactics,I don" know why but this produces more of the bigger fish and gives you great confidence in your rigs,baits and methods for use on other venues.
    I mix and match all 3,there have been a few threads on here in the past regading BIG bream venues in our area and apart from Larford and at one time Alvechurch,I take em with a pinch of salt(unless someone wants to post a few pics),Big tench? there might be the odd fish but not worth wasting your time on.
    Carp,Salford,Eddgy,Lifford,Sutton and Cannon Hill all hold some big fish,but they require a bit of dedication.
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      Try Bidford Grange....01789 490319
      Bidford Grange Hotel & Golf Course
      2.5acres...10 pegs
      fully stocked 15-32lbs


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        I think Shatterford near Kidderminster has carp to over 40lb and cats over 60lb on a day ticket and pool hall and townsend very near to there have big cats!


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          the monument
          Welcome - CARP-LAKES


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            cudmore fisheries staffs some big carp and cats there


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              We still got big bream at alvechurch in house pool and big carp and tench in our specimen lake the arrow lake but you need bg thick unhooking mat and min 32inch triangular net for arrow which is pre booking


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                Get on the canal,
                Pick a spot
                BAIT it up over a period of 8 weeks on a regualr basis. and then fish it.
                People never target canals for big carp, and they will be old warriors. propper carp. not like the stockies in most places these days
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                  Clumber Park. Used to have the record there when i was working for Nutrabaits (Back in my specimen Days).

                  This was my 49lber - Nate @ Fish4Thought: Back in the Day...

                  Gis a Pm for Info etc.

                  Nate @ Fish4Thought

                  Using Thought and Science to catch more fish! [url][/url]


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                    patsull park