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Man / fish love

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  • Man / fish love

    Why is it that when you see carpers holding thier prized catch for a photo, they often adopt a look that says " I'm gonna take you in the bivvy, lay you out on the unhooking mat, put on some Barry White, and slip you a length you'll never forget"

    For example:

    " you are going to get such a good rodding"

    "come on...let's get you inside, out of the cold...."

    "this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you...."

    " If you keep quiet, I won't stab you "

    " ah, Bigfin. That was my mother's name "

    "forget the bivvy, here and now!"

    What's wrong with just smiling at the camera?


    Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.

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    hhhmm ive heard the odd welsh sheep joke but not this one yet lol
    [IMG][/IMG]Fledger....... Here'.. fishy fishy fishy..:
    Speci Carper