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Fishmeal v Sweet on Naturals.

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  • Fishmeal v Sweet on Naturals.

    Would love to hear other opinions on fishing naturals with fishmeal or sweet based ground bait for big bream.Which would you use for a very rarely fished water?
    Which additives etc,I have always been told that hemp is not great for bream but found when blitzed it can be a game changer.Misconseptions
    and bad advice can be so deep rooted to the point that the most powerful bait is constantly being overlooked to the detriment of your fishing.
    Some anglers say Bream need to be weaned onto fishmeal others say the opposite. ???

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    Hi Bob
    For Natural venues my personal Preference is NO FISHMEAL
    My General Mix would be based around Vitalin with Bread , Flaked Maize Crushed & Liquidised Hemp that would be my Base ,i would use lake or River water if possible I would usually add a tin of Corn or any sample Baits as & when i need .For Bream any Chopped Worm would be chopped into pieces @ least 3 / 4 " to 1" long
    Would use Bagged GB in matches ,but would only ever use Fishmeal on Commercials
    Bu that is ny Choice
    Others that do it a lot more than me might think I am wrong but ir works for me


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      My opinion Bob, is ask the fish.
      i have fished waters that have honestly not seen an anglers bait in 10 years, and week by week it changes one week caught very well with fishmeal ( because at the time its what i had) the next time nothing and could only catch with brown crumb, once i emptied a peg on strawberry corn when mates either side struggled on all baits, as i did untill trying a rustry old can of strawberry corn i had in my bag, so next time we all went with it, now this was a large natural water not a pond and we where at least 20 pegs apart, you guessed it not a bite on it, all fish caught on maggott.
      i really struggle to find any rhyme or reason to this, i have fished regular stertches of the Severn and knew it ver well and me and the lad thought we had it sussed with green swim stim fishmeal groundbait but with a halibut on the hook, nothing else worked, next season couldnt get a touch on it and caught well all year on double hair rigged corn.
      so i think its trail and error and lots of luck
      River anglers Go with the flow.


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        That is the Difference Rick .
        Commercial's you are Catching !!
        Naturals you are Fishing


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          Thanks Guys,Col Im leaning towards that conclusion myself with no fishmeal.Ive been back to a commi I have fished for a good few years last week but I get really disinterested very quickly.So its naturals for me.
          I hear what your saying Rick,This particular lough doesnt see a hook from one end of the year to the next.I suppose its trial and error with it the hook bait but have been told that the fishmeal actually spooks the bream.??


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            Everyone I know that has been visiting Ireland for many years and still do two or three times a year have all said the same (no fishmeal) I have brought some Bait Tech Pro Natural in Dark ready for our trip and I will get some layers mash.
            What we found last year was very little ground bait and more maggot or worm, so we are going towards window feeders this year.
            River anglers Go with the flow.


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              Thats seems to be the consensus,????????


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                Depends on the length of the session. On a water that's used to ground baits (in my experience) fishmeal will bring fast results with more ferocious bites, though the bream never really get their heads down and the fishing tends to drop off after 4hrs. Sweet ground bait attracts a slower response, but the bream will gain confidence and you'll hold them there for longer.

                For venues that don't see much ground bait, I always stick to sweet or neutral as fishmeal can be a death-knell in a natural swim.

                I always try to keep sweet ground baits inert (no fizzing, no hemp), whereas I don't mind a bit of life in fishmeal to try and get the most out of a quick response.