I made a positive decision to fish more matches next year and the plan revolves around fishing 3 venues, Alders Farm, Panshill ( a new water to me) and Oakfield.

Oakfield, being only 40 minutes away from the house, it makes a nice countryside excursion. At present there are 3 lakes that occupy the site, Brook, my home for the day, Swallow and Kingfisher. All the lakes have matured over the years and although pegging can be tight, the matches are quite spread out.

Arriving at the on site cafe I was greeted by venue regular and work colleague Nick Bryan, who had filled me in on how it has been performing recently. Pegs 30, 1 and 3 were the ones you wanted, not only a short walk but contained a few fish as well as the winter draws in. My drawing hand went in and peg 22 stuck to it. A quick chat with Nick and fellow GOT Bait angler,Lee Ripper, and the walk to the peg saw me quite hopeful of a few fish. The previous week saw my peg frame with 30lb catching at 12m. It looked nice with a small bay across at 16 metres.An overgrown bush to my right for a margin and 4ft at 7m.

Bait was to be 4mm GOT Expanders with a few 6mm's thrown in and micro's as feed. I had dusted this with some Atomic Cloud which saw them go a lovely reddy colour. I set up three rigs to cover my options. Rig 1 was for fishing at 12m on the edge of the far bank shelf. A .3g MW Pellet float to .16 Browning Cenitan and a size 16 B911. Rig 2 was the 7m rig was identical to rig 1, only using a .4g float. Down the edge consisted of a .2g to .17 Powerline and a size 16 B911. There are some proper fish in the margins and as such I geared up for them.

At the all in I cupped a half cup of micros in on all lines and fed a pot of Atomic Cloud into the margin. A look down the edge saw no indications after 10minutes so a quick switch to 7m followed. Not a bite, not a liner. I moved my bulk around and spread it out to show a slower fall of the 4mm expander impaled on the hook. Still nothing.

I moved across to the far line hoping for a queue of fish, however this was not to be and after perserveering for 1/2hr all I had to show was a small carp about 1 1/2lb. What was more worrying was the lack of bites. Next door was getting the odd indication but not catching. I tried going even further out towards the bay and even with 14m of pole I was still short. Still no bites.

When you are getting bites you tend to adapt to the situation, however I find it hard to understand whats going on when the float does not move.

To cut a long story short I had 2 bites all day and 2 fish for around 3lb so I tipped back. I was not the only one on the day. The wind made holding the pole very uncomfortable at times. Saying that I was made welcome by the lads there and will definately be back there when my shifts allow.

Peg 30 won with 51lb caught to the reeds on his left hand side and at 14m straight out. Peg 3 was second.

Lessons learn't was to tie some lighter rigs and try undusted micros next time.