Fished the 2nd round of the wilden winter league

And as it was my birthday I ridiculously thought that I would get a good draw.....???????????????? chance A25 in the bowl ohhhhh nooooooo.....

Any ways after contemplating whether or not to put my keep net in to keep it dry I decided to put a plan together and made a decision I never do and that was to go to 16.5m at the start and have the other barrel in reserve as I knew it was going to be a gruelling match

X1 positive @ 16.5m
X1 negative @ 16.5m
X1 negative pellet line off the angle towards the next peg @ 15m
Short 11m line and x2 lines off the reeds at both sides

And the token waggler line

All in started on the waggler not a sniff for 1hr and a wobble on the float and carp # 1 on ......????????????????

Went on the pole nothing over any lines??????

Went back on the wag ...carp #2??????

Went well over depth on waggler carp #3 ????????????

Off bottom ...carp # 4????????????????????????

Back on pole long line carp...carp...carp...????????????????????

Any ways nicked some blades off the reeds but very hard work for grams

Back on the pole carp # 14 and really struggling then a very slight lift on the float and bang skimmer about 1lb 6oz ????????????????

Just enough time to hook carp #15 and tipped 1lb 10oz on the scales which was good enough for 2nd in section ?????

That puts me on 6points two rounds in

Very tough day and some DNW in the bowl it’s tough up there ????