Day 4 - Jenny’s or Treewaters.

again this is another split section over two lakes and I managed to draw Treewaters which was my preferred lake, however I wasn’t too pleased with peg 27 on the top lake as the Boss pegs are at the other end and 31, 33, 35 and 19 usually win this 9 peg section. I was on this peg earlier this year so I know what to expect and it more or less followed a similar pattern where I caught steady across on pellet feeder or bomb and pellet and then turned my focus to the edge for the last 45 minutes and managed to foul hook a nice fish before netting a small edge dweller of 5lbs.

I put 48lbs on the scales made up of small carp averaging 3 to 4 lbs and managed to beat the two other anglers at my end of the lake but fell short of the fancied pegs. 19 won the section with 90lbs and peg 29 was 2nd with 81lbs.

Score = 4 points.

Final Day - Porth Res

peg 73 has won the lake for the last two days with Bream so I was pleased when I pulled 72 from the bag. For those that don’t know Porth Res this is a huge expanse of man made waterway which means an old fashion hike to 16 pegs regardless of which side you’ve drawn, however tackle is taken across to the far side by boat and if lucky like me (late) there’s room for a boat ride

Due to the gale force winds fishing the pole was out of the question, so I set up to two rods for feeder fishing - one with a hybrid and the other a std open end feeder. There was no need to chuck long because recent weights have been recorded on the pole. I started on a very large feeder and loaded this with dead reds and chopped worm. A slow start for the first hour with only 4 small skimmers to show, then on the hour the tip registers a good bite and a slab is pulling back - gently does it on braid as every tug feels like a violent yank. Then half way back and disaster strikes as the rod goes slack and that means only one thing - catch and release and a costly loss I’m sure come end of match.

Ten minutes later John on my left hooks and lands a 4lb bream and I hear further left they have caught some slabs as well, whilst I’m getting lots of 4 to 6 oz skimmers I’m not going to build a decent weight, however I can’t ignore putting fish in the net on a regular basis regardless of size so I keep plugging away. With 90 minutes to go the scales man arrives to have a chat and he informs me that Jason on the end peg 71 has netted eight slabs, he’s kept that quiet ???? oh how I’d love a bonus fish right now. More chopped worms are now going through the feeder and a worm maggot cocktail is offered on my 14 guru micro barb hook and for the next hour I get a few 8 oz skimmers - then out of the blue and with only 15 minutes to go I get a proper pull around and a 3.5lb bream is guided over the waiting net, followed by a 4 pounder 5 minutes later. Happy days I thought when seconds to the all out the tip jolts forward but this time I can tell it’s an eel with that distinctive resistance to any other playing fish.

I tipped 19.4.0 on the scales usually a great weight for Porth, however I’ve clearly been in the best section to record 6 points. For the record Jason on 71 won the match with 52lbs. I managed to overtake peg 73 but lost out to 74 (22lbs) & 75 My mate Peter Black who had 38lbs for 2nd overall.

It felt nice to end a disappointing week on a high with my best ever Porth weight and was a tad unlucky not to pick up a section envelope, it could so easily have been better if not for a good fish lost or if those slabs had not left it so late to rock up.

I finished on 18 points for 123rd position from 180 anglers and so my quest for a top 50 finish goes on and on. Next week is the big one - the Preston Festival and I’ve just seen my draw - same rotation as this week just a much tougher section with more of the country’s elite anglers arriving and hoping to make the top 24 and qualify for the Parkdean Masters 25K final - just a walk in the park for me

Andy Bennett won the Maver with a perfect score 36 dropping a section win too........bloody awesome angler.

i hope you’ve enjoyed my Maver blogs. As for the Preston I’ll summarise after 5 days if anything worth shouting about, so until my next blogs (annual Packington Winter league) Tight Lines.

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