Split lakes today and it’s fair to say I was hoping to draw Twin Oaks and even said last evening peg 17 would do nicely. I had a good chat with Harry Billing whilst we moved forward from the back of the queue. Harry pulled 28 Trelawney and I pulled T26. Unbelievably the last angler behind me drew TO 17 it was still in there and the spare peg was TO 28, I’d have given my right arm for either of the TO pegs.

I took the decision to fish shallow on caster - I’ve done a little shallow fishing here at White Acres but never committed fully and always felt I’d done it half heartedly, so it’s e or bust with 5 pints of caster, 2 units of 4mils and 1 unit of corn for the edge last hour. I set up two fixed rigs and a jigga’s for shallow work, one slapping rig, one edge rig and a full depth rig.

All in - I cast the bomb with bread tight over whilst I primed my 13m shallow line with 4mm. 15 minutes and no takes on the tip so out with the 18” shallow rig with an hair rigged 4 mil pellet. It took another 25 minutes to get a bite from an 3 lb F1 on banded caster. I stuck at this for the next hour and two hours into the match I’d only netted 3 fish.

The anglers on on either side we’re catching shallow whilst I was really struggling and scratching my head. I payed attention to both anglers to see how they were executing the shallow method- clearly I was doing it all wrong?. Three hours gone and I was so far behind that I wrote this match off and treated it as a practice session- to compete here at W.A you have to master shallow fishing as it counts for some very big winning weights, so I chopped and changed my shallow rigs several times in the last two hours, played around with my feeding and persevered to the end, unfortunately without any joy.

Fishing can be so cruel and embarrassing at times but the strange thing is it hasn’t bothered me one little bit today as I can easily accept that I just didn’t have a clue what I was doing, however I’ve probably learnt more in five hours than weeks and months. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward and having watch Gavin and Harry bag up I’ve a lot to learn to crack this deadly method. The learning has already began and a long post match chat with Harry has opened my eyes - hopefully one of these festivals it will be me that gets it spot on.

So a last in section is very disappointing especially after yesterday result - but there’s still two days remaining to get some pride back.

Tight Lines.

p.s I’ll attach the section results tomorrow - more as a reminder for myself to look back on.