Before I talk through today's penultimate round (9) there's the little matter of mentioning round 8. Simple: my stand in is a good angler, he drew well and smashed it for 2 points. Well done Neville Groves and thank you.

So Neville has kept me in with a very slim chance of still framing as long as I win my lake on both the last two rounds. With my two droppers I'm currently on 30 points and need to finish up with 32 to stand any chance of 15th place if judging by the final points tally required to frame over the last two years.

My rotation for today is Molands low numbers (2 to 29) - I will need to draw the higher numbers or peg 10 to realistically have a chance of winning the section. I was first to draw today so no excuse all the fliers are still in there, and guess what I miss all of them and draw peg 2 ☹️ Game over........Be positive Roy come on give it a proper go you just never know?

I give the bomb and bread 30 minutes casting into three different areas, all this time looking for any signs on my tip that might give me an heads up as to where the F1s are. But not a bite or liner in that time, so I switch to a cage feeder with micros and various hair rigged baits. On the hour mark the rod tip flies around and Carp No 1 is on - Unfortunately I have to wait another hour before my next indication, it's a positive bite and something large is pulling back hard so I take my time and stay patient in netting another decent Carp.

Two hours in and I'm feeling the cold - a strong breeze is right in my face, my hands are wet and numb from the driving rain and suddenly I not enjoyinging this part of the session therefore I buckle down under the brolley and wait for this cold cold shower to pass over, eventually the sun comes out and I warm up a tad.

Back on the bread only this time I'm feeding liquidised bread through a cage feeder - a couple of casts and I'm pleased to see the tip move - it's a new stockie mirror carp circa 2.5 lbs, not huge but welcome all the same.
I'm unsure as to what's happening in my section as the next angler to me is Ian Keywood and he's on peg 8. I have circa 18lbs and 30lbs would be a great target weight. So I stay focused to catch one more lump which I'm certain would give me good points and maybe that elusive section win ?.

Paul Hunter opposite me on peg 58 has had a great match catching F1s steady from the point of the island - I'd love to chuck there too but it's a grey area as to it being 50% mine. Personally I don't believe it is but I'm sure plenty of anglers would chuck right up to Paul's feeder and knacker his peg too. So I stay a few metres short and eventually I do catch an F1 - 30 minutes remain so I stay on this line hoping for a late run..........Its not to be ????

I end the match with Two good Carp, a small Mirror, a decent F1 and a few roach for 20.14.0. I'm thinking not a cat in hells chance of a section win with this weight, 30 to 40 lbs minimum will be needed to have a chance of competing with pegs 23 to 29. But I later find out that I'm only a decent fish away from winning the section. I'm gutted to say the least - with a bit of luck I could have caught another Carp or found a few F1s. Even worst was to come - when I realised how tight the section was: 25.7.0, 25.4.0, 22.4.0 and 22.0.0 - I was 5th......Small margins and this isn't White Acres

Currently I'm lying 26th out of 60 starters (see attached) so I'll be trying for good points in the last match if only to finish as high as possible........then it's off to White Acres for some good fishing.

I know I mention this guys name a lot - but apart from his ability to draw well Mr Canning has smashed the match again with 78lbs from peg 45 on Molands. He draws well but there's more to him than that........he always plunders the peg, he's that good and now tops the table so all bar a disaster he's odds on to take his third winter league in a row ££££s.

Tight Lines