Big Geary's

when it was my turn to draw, peg 31 was still in the bag - a 1 in 3 chance ????

so I managed to avoid 31 and drew peg 12 instead - not the worst peg on the lake by far but so awkward to fish a pole with the steep bank behind. So I made my mind up to fish rod only today and chance my luck on catching a few lumps.

Set ent up was an hybrid long to the stumps, bomb and pellet on the pinging line, maggot feeder and a waggler for skimmers and stockies?.

I started long and after a change from a Orange wafter to a white dumb bell the tip registered a take, 5 mins later a 8lb mirror is netted. Not a bad start after 30 mins so let's hope a few more have a go. I had to wait an hour for the next bite but it was worth it as a 9lb ghostie graced the landing net. This was soon followed by a 3 lb stockies before a long wait again. In this period I tried various method and baits but ended up struggling through to the end with only two more stockies to show for all my efforts.

Luke Newton on the next peg (14) had struggle early in the match but fished a nice pole match catching 4oz skimmers and the odd very small 12oz carp, then he hooked a proper lump on his light skimmer rig and somehow managed to land it on a size 20 and 0:11 hook length - it was weighed separately at the end of the match and tipped the scales at 18.2.0. That was half Lukes weight of 36lbs which gave him 4th on the lake..

our own Danny (awesome fish) won the match from a peg he fancied (19) with 61lbs. Peg 18 was 2nd with 48lbs and then it was a little closer between several anglers - unfortunately my 26.12.0 was only good enough the beat 3 anglers on our lake so scoring 9 points.

Another disappointing result for me and confirms my winter league to be over in regards to framing - so I'll be going all out for a match win and not playing safe for good points.

Molands high numbers next - a good draw in the 40s would do nicely

current position 52nd - shocking.