Having just returned from White Acres where some success was had on the Winter Vetrans Festival - I could so easily of framed if it wasn't for them small margins that I always speak of down there costing me two section wins and a frame finish. But I guess a few others just outside the top 10 could also claim a similar fate.

So now was my chance to see if my White Acres winter fishing practice could do some damage on this 2nd round - Molands peg 15 was my home for the day and a peg that I've had many times before but never seem to get the best from, even though many regulars rate it. I started on bomb and bread to the far bank but was hampered by rotten vegetation and branches, so I switched to casting into the bay on my right about two metres off the bankside rushes. Even I was surprised to see the tip indicate a bite and my first Carp was on and a few minutes later safely in the net. No more were to follow so a quick look on the pole line was a fruitless period of pellet fishing. A spell on maggot down the edge only produced a few small roach and the odd better stamp but no F1s.

Time to try the maggot feeder - I really thought this would find a bonus F1 but nothing doing here either. I was was now going through the motions and going back over my several lines hoping a few fish would have turned up. In the last hour I started a new line with maggot at 5metres by cupping in a large pot of bronze wrigglers and a few minutes later I hooked a decent fish that sped off across the lake and came off before I could get my extra pole sections attached - A few more roach followed and finally a 2lb F1 showed up all be it far two late.

I tipped 13.10.0 onto the scales to only beat two anglers - our man Danny Tresigne took the section with 37lbs and another nugget off me ????.

Big Geary's having just been restocked with Carp in the two pound bracket fished really well taking the top places in the match.


9th out of 11 in my section - must try harder.