OMG where did that year go - a year of retirement, recovery from a stent, builders have transformed the house, landscaped the garden and got married and somehow I still managed to go fishing.

so it's game on again for another bash at the unpredictable Packington Somers Winter League. With 60 odd Anglers signed up it promises to be another competitive series and lucky for me I've avoided the section of death with so many of the fancied contenders going up against each other. However that said I've still got Danny Tresigne, Jason Landucci, Derek Hartshorne and a few other venue regulars to contend with.

Siblings is my first rotation and this is made up of two pools - A is the doughnut and B the Horseshoe. I've draw peg 5 on A which is a good peg on this pool but unlikely to compete against pool B. It's a cold peg with no sunshine due to the woods behind and I can see several others on the lake sitting in the winter sun, I'm thinking this is going to hard following the recent cold nights and would rather be in the warmth as I suspect the fish would too.

I've set my stall out to fish maggot today but even the silvers are hard to come by - a few ide and One 3lb Carp is all I can muster half way into the match, the reeds to my right are moving with fish but they won't come out to feed. I change tactics and chuck a small cage feeder with F1 yellow micros to the corner of the island with a six mil hard pellet, I'm patient and it finally goes around with a small F1. 15 minutes later another of 1.5lbs but it's very slow, I try my other lines but nothing doing here so back on the tip. 30 minutes to go and a big pull on the tip and a proper Carp is running, instantly I fiddle for the line clip and manage to un-clip just in time. I play it to the net and just when I've done all the hard work it lunges and does my 4lb hook length - I'm gutted as I know it's was a Six pounder.

I finally catch two small carp down the margin and the whistle goes.

Mr Hartshorne is on my pool and although he's also struggled I'm sure he's done better than me, that Carp would have made a difference though .

The scales
Pool A Derek 20.1.0 Me 17.4.0

Pool B - Jason 53.0.0 (2nd in match). Ian Crossman 27.8.0. Danny 24.0.0

Top 5 weights in our section and as you can see the 3 names I mentioned at the beginning of the blog are all above me, however 5 points isn't disastrous with much harder days to come - experience tells me this won't be one of my two droppers lol.

well done to our own Ducci (Jason) and Awesome Fish (Danny) for taking the nugget off me lol.

Molands low numbers next round - best order some squats.