Day One
Drew canal peg10 and didn't fancy it knowing the early pegs as you walk onto the lake would dominate. That's how it turned out too with end peg 4 winning 103lbs and pegs 16 and 18 next best with 59 and 55lbs. My low weight of 24lbs recording a last place.

Dat 2 - Porth Reservior
I Drew end peg No 72 and was fairly happy with this except for the long walk and loading the tackle onto the boat. Bright sunshine and only a slight breeze not lending itself to Bream feeding, so I fished the pole at 9 metres and caught 150 + of silvers to weigh 11.10.0 unfornately small margins again for decent points 12.5.0 and 12.3.0 being 3rd and 4th. So I Picked up 5 points for my hard graft.

Day 3 - Bolingey peg 12

Would have preferred to have drawn in the first two arms but no such luck on my nemesis of a lake. And it didn't dissapoint too, recording my usual rubbish weight of 8 fish for 41lbs. Last but one - game over for the final.

Day 4 - Polawyn (match lake).

It's raining cats and dogs and after yesterday's result and the fact I've drawn the same section as last week (crap) so I'm feeling a little washed out with very little to be happy about. I fished like it too and struggle the whole match unable to catch a Carp - my 3.12.0 beating one other. Boss peg 13 winning the section with 37lbs.

Day 5.

Wow a storm has blown in and talk at the draw was of concern for health and safety, but the match has to go on and Clint has asked for common sense to prevail, anyone with concerns or needs help his team are on standby to make any decision necessary - I'm glad to report all went well and everyone was happy with the outcome. I believe a few chose not to fish, most likely at Porth.

I drew Trelawney peg 19 in a corner and it seemed a little protected from the worst of the gales, thinking I could reach the island at 14 metre I took the decision to use the Air - I was doing Ok until a gust blew my rig in the bush, shipping back for a break I forgot to slide the pole on the ground and with the top kit in my hand a loud crack behind me and my No 5 was in half on the roller ??? ouch

My my own stupidity for not going with the Black Magic and fishing short. Which is what I did for the remaining 4 hours ending up with 25lbs for another last in section.


As expected at the end of the Maver Festival this was going to be a tough week given the calibre of anglers, but I thought I'd do better than finishing 152nd. Porth over the two weeks proved to be my best results returning a 7 and 5 score and they could have been better as onces from a 2nd and 3rd.

Bolingey continues to be my nemesis and until I regain some confidence on this venue I'll not achieve a reasonable high finish - however Once again I've enjoyed myself, had a great time meeting up with some old friends and chatted with some new ones too - isn't this what it's all about

Well done to Paul Holland for winning the Preston and good luck to all 24 anglers that are fishing today's big 25K final. It's blowing a hoolie again so I'd fancy peg 14 to win.

I now have 2 weeks to mend the wounds, pick myself up and smash the Autumn Vets

Tight Lines


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