It's the final day and I need to better my worse score of 4 points to achieve a reasonable finish near my original target of 50th.
I've drawn Back Twin Oaks peg 35 a corner peg, this can be good if the wind is howling this end, however we only have a slight breeze and it's going the other way to peg 19.

Once I'd drawn this back lake I decided to gamble a little by attacking the swim with casters and fishing shallow and half depth etc. However I did chuck the bomb with bread or pellet for half hour and returned two smallest Carp from the far bank. I then quickly tried shallow at 14 metres but nothing doing here yet. A change to my margin swim on my left saw me put a few F1s in the net but it was all a bit slower than required for me to win the section. When I did catch a F1 it was generally a 3 lb fish with the odd one pushing 5 to 6 lbs so I thought persevere with it and if it gets better I could make up lost ground on my neighbours.
By the time the last hour arrived I realised that I wasn't going to catch Lee on peg 33 unless I switched tactics for proper Carp. A couple of really big F1s and one small Carp carp during a quite period followed and then I lost a real lump on the whilstle.

My section was won with 110lbs and Lee on my right managed 2nd in Section with 103lbs. I later learned that my 63lbs got me 4 points again so no improvements on my total for four days of 22 points and 88th overall.

So not a disaster this week with 3 fourths and 2 sixth finishes, but this was my chance to break the 50th barrier as next weeks Preston Festival is going to be even harder with a quality field on site.

In Summary- it's been a difficult week but a very enjoyable

That's it then as I now enter the Preston Festival and dream of drawing five fliers, achieving 31 points, a top 24 finish, qualifying for the 25K final and of course Winning It 😂😂😂lol.

See attached Preston Draw - tough section but we love a challenge. No daily blog's next week I'll just wrap all five days up into one report next Friday or Saturday.

I hope you've enjoyed the blogs this week and remember if you think you can do better then come and give it a go.