Well if yesterday was a crap draw for section points then my draw today is the best. Jenny's peg 16 a well know flier however I do have a certain Mr Powers to contend with on peg 18 so I'm not likely to win the section.

I start on the pellet feeder towards the aerator and fully expect a twitch by the time I've cast three times, however the tip hasn't moved an inch, be patient I tell myself but nearly an hour and still no signs.

Time to look on the pole - it's fizzing at 14 metres but I can't buy a bite - the match is half way through and I've only 3 fish for just over a pound. Eventually I catch a few carasio's with banded 4mil on the deck lifting and dropping.

A quick look at 5 metres where I'd put some 6mm meat in wasn't happening either. So back shallow on the 4mil pellet and a little run of carassios takes me up to seven......bagging lol.

Another look at 5 metres and this time the float sails away with a angry carp, it takes me a while to bring it back and land it. That was a welcome bonus, so I prep another 5 metre line and two edges either side.

Into the last hour and all my focus is now on margin fish - I foul hook one at 5 metres and this kills the swim. My right margin is boiling from the earlier feed, but I can't get a carp to take my worm cocktail.

The All out sounds and Andy Powers is the clear section winner with 59lbs. The rest of us struggled but the two end pegs had the next best weights of 32lbs and 29lbs with me fourth (19lbs) 6 points.