Fingers crossed for peg 48 as mentioned in yesterday's blog. I arrived at the draw and I could see that my favourite peg was still in the bag (drawn pegs left on table) unfortunately I pulled out peg 4 not only a poor section but probably along with peg 2 the worse peg in the section and lake. These pegs are in the first arm 1 to 13, with 13 the boss peg and 12,11,9,7 and peg 1 the next best pegs to upset the flier. I was gutted but eh oh that's match fishing, got to give it your best shot you just never know.

What I do know is I need a Carp or two to stand any chance of scoring well, so I start on bomb and bread tight to the island amongst the heavily overgrown bank vegetation - 5 minutes in and the tip pulls around - Carp on, I take my time and a 6lb mirror is in the net.......what a start😊
I stay on this line for another 30mins but it was a loner fish, so a switch to 5 metre line where I'd been loose feeding casters. A few roach were oblige to take my banded caster. 30 mins later I ship out to 14.5m where I'd primed the swim with casters for fishing shallow and full depth.

I'm now switching my four lines trying desperately to catch better stamp fish - after a while I hook a big F1 shallow, that'll do nicely but again no more followed. Into the last hour I've fed maggot down the margins, literally the top two on my left and 11metres to the empty pallet right. A few better stamp roach showed up on the left side then I hook something big and as the medium elastic is ripping out I'm desperately trying to add sections - done it just in time and a 8lb Carp is played gently back to the net.

Apart from a few more roach the whilstle goes and it's another dissapointing day even though I fished a very tidy match and didn't leave too much in the locker.


Peg 1 produced 3 late Carp to win this side of the Arm 24.12.0. The other side fished better with the winner weighing 32.O.0. After this it was a very close section with several anglers recording 25lbs down to surprise then when I say that last weight was mine. Oh how I'd have loved just another half decent fish.

Well done to Kevin on peg One finding them Carp late on to go from looser to hero. And a special mention for our own TA member Nathan for giving us all a giggly moment during the match when falling off his box asleep 💤💤💤💤 😂😂😂.

4 points when it could have easily been a few more - dropped to 85th overall........time for a section win roll on tomorrow.