Festivals are not everyone's cup of tea - a bit like marmite I guess. However I really like them as for me they're a measure of how my match fishing is improving whilst also giving me a chance to compete against some of the best commercial anglers in the country - a good result on any day and you are buzzing, especially if you pick up a section win or even better a lake win. As for an overall frame position well that's something I only dream about, I'm working on it but realistically with the young talent coming through every year along with the Festival regulars and top names I've more chance of winning the Lottery.

So the draw was made today and at 1.00pm I was eager to see my rotation or more like see which big names I'd be going up against. A quick scan and I find my name near the top of D Section which means I start at Porth Res. I then scrutinise the other 35 anglers in my section - there's a few I need to avoid without being disrespectful to all the anglers in my group.

For those reading this and not understanding how it works let me try to explain: A random draw of 180 anglers (done on Friday) are drawn into sections of 36 and allocated a letter from A to E. These represent five different lakes and you basically rotate to each lake through the week Mon to Fri.
Each morning you take your place in the queue to draw for a peg number and this places you in one of four section of 9 on your given lake. All you have to do now is win your section of 9 for maximum points - 9 for a win, 8 for 2nd and so on. Next day draw another peg move to a different lake and beat your 8 neighbours again and so on for five days - it's as easy as that lol. ( Best four count - dropping your worst result)

I'm not sure how many festivals I've fished to date but it's a few over the last 8 years and I've yet to break into the top 50. I've had my days along the way, won a few sections and even been on the leader board (first Day lol). However it's being consistent that is the answer to success, and that is something that clearly eludes me. Best result is 28 points and 58th ?.

So Day One sees me going to Porth Reservior and I'm hoping for a peg between 16 and 40 so I can avoid loading my tackle onto a boat and taking a hike around the lake to the far side - at 61 years young this is no easy task, a draw this side still means a long walk with the trolley and a steep hill to negotiate but I find it easier.

Well that's enough dribble for now I hope you enjoy the blog's to follow - I'll write up day 1 and 2 then 3 and 4 leaving you all in suspense for the final day......

See attached draw for my section - one or two names I'm sure you might recognise.

Let the challenge http://www.news-reel.com/maver-2018-draw/

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