Firstly let me start by saying how I wasn't looking forward to this round as my rotation has me fishing the notorious Siblings pools - great in summer but deadly when the first hard frosts appear. Two pools designed to suit the small angling club and pleasure anglers where pole fishing is the main attack.

So I was hoping for a favoured draw but unfortunately I drew peg 2 on the horse shoe (Sibs A). With water crystal clear despite the gaffers attempt to cloud the water with a chemical two weeks ago. I wasn't holding out much hope as I unloaded my van behind my peg ( a bonus ) and thought about the waggler maybe catching the odd silver.

I set up two pole rigs and a lite 2gram wag - with a banded 4 mm pellet. I chose to fish this from the off firing just a few 4mils to the far corner and down to the inside bend 18 metres away. An hour gone and a missed bite was all I can could muster so a size 20 and 0.10 hook length with maggot was attached to the wag - this as got to get me a bite somewhere in the corner that is the sanctuary joy what's so ever.
I wasn't expecting any success with the pole either as waving 16 metres of carbon over the gin like water was like the kiss of death, but eh, got to give it a try. 90 mins to go and the float dips and something is pulling back hard, I take my time shipping the 16 metres of wet pole as smoothly as is possible. A small stockie comes up hooked in the tail and I'm really greatful for this slice of luck 😅.

10 minutes to go and as I'm shipping out I disturb a Carp, and then I see it again 5 metres to my left. So the float is dropped down to 6" and a bunch of fluro pinkeys threaded on to the size 20 hook. This is desperate stuff now as I search the surface for a sign of that fish. I flick my rig towards a surface break and no sooner had the float settled it sails away, I lift sharply to feel the pole bend and the No 8 elastic stretch out of the stonfo, no sooner am I thinking of good points this great big lump comes out of the water like a bloody 🐬 dolphin, briefly tail walks and as it slaps down the hook is dislodged.........I'm stunned in disbelief as to what's just happened.

Match over - two bites all day a foul hooker and a NON productive weekend has done nothing for my confidence and piggy bank as I lose another nugget to my old mucker ( omg 5 in a row).
My 12oz mirror didn't help much as I was 5th out of six on this pool and probably just as bad against the six on the other lake - expect 10 points and a 2nd dropper. My lake was won off the fancied peg 19 the lad having just two bites himself that recorded 7lbs - I needed that lump🙃.

Since my enforced layoff last month the wheels have fallen off big style and the confidence has taken a massive blow, however I'll be back out there on Tueday with the army of vets trying even harder to change my fortunes and more importantly end this nugget embarrassing drubbing to Big Keith.

Even winter fishing beats working - Rd 5 is going to be a successful blog I can feel it in my frozen bones lol.