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25th March 2011, 10:50 PM
hi all just joined a new club and the lake is a silty bottom,been told to fish chod rig but im a bit lost .bought made up rigs but dont know how to use them properly
any help would be goodand i dont want to use leadcore leader

25th March 2011, 11:31 PM
Chod Rig | Rigz | Korda (http://www.korda.co.uk/rigz/?id=10)

Basically a helicopter rig but using a stiff hooklink so the bait can sit on top of the chod. Scorpio caught a fish using this method yesterday, might be worth sending him a message.

26th March 2011, 03:50 PM
How come the chod is best there? my pond is silty and have caught on critically balanced pop-ups popped up about 5mm from the bottom...........
If you do use the chod only use the lead that is best for the job i.e. if your casting under 45 yards use a 1oz lead (further range heavier lead) also create a boom section off your lead so when you are playing a fish the lead wont be smashing into their head and also the heavier the lead and the closer the lead is to hook it will be easier for the fish to ditch the lead due to the angle and the weight of the lead. Use a good bouyant pop-up i.e. cork ball pop-up or a pop-up with cork dust in it. If you can make your choddy a running one so there is less resistance and critically balance your chod by applying putty over the ring swivel tied to the bottom of the rig (this is a must of you arent using leadcore) also use a hook with an out turned eye to prevent strain and breakage of the rig as the stiff flouro will get a weak point from an interned eye! Again fish slack lines with this method to lessen resistance.
I would only use the chod if i was fishing over heavy debris i.e. sticks, leaves, etc.