View Full Version : pike grouping??

18th October 2010, 11:57 PM
As pike are predators and they frequently prey on each other... then why do they sit with each other.

i observed in many areas of a lake pike of around 5-10lb sat with each other in groups of about 3-4 but there was als some pike of around 6-8 inch along with them, i mean surely they would be potential prey. Im confused. It was a cold morning but the water wasnt so cold. Any explainations?

19th October 2010, 10:27 AM
Although they are not known to be shoal fish or to hunt in packs as such,its not unusual for numbers of pike to be in the same area,having said that ive never seen very small pike in amongst these groups,contrary to popular belief,pike do not eat everything they come accross,ive often witnessed shoals of prey fish in close proximity to pike and its almost as if they know the pike are not in feeding mode,i tried to tempt a mid double with a trout livebait,in shallow clear water and after 30 frustrating mins the pike eventually accepted the offering in a manner more befiting a wary carp,this episode totaly changed my ideas on how pike take a bait,its a shame someone doesent do a Danny Muchbrass style underwater pike fishing video,im sure it would be an eye opener.