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  1. Jared's first Barracuda - Florida keys age 9
  2. Nathan's Shark Sucker on the fly rod- Florida Keys- age 6
  3. Trigger fish on a fly rod
  4. Large Barracuda - Florida Keys wreck fishing
  5. Turbo charged 20lb trout on the fly
  6. Shark Fishing - Florida Keys
  7. 13lb trout on a dry fly in winter
  8. Rainbow trout video - Hammer Lake
  9. Dry fly challenge at Sutton Springs
  10. Urban Trout - Syon Park, London
  11. Pike Fishing Techniques - lures and spinners
  12. Cobia on the fly rod - Back country Florida keys
  13. 80lb Lemon Shark - Florida Keys
  14. Spanish Mackerel on the fly rod - Florida Keys
  15. Festive Fly does the business
  16. Blue Rainbow Trout
  17. 42 different species in Florida Keys in just 10 days
  18. Large Mouth Bass in Kissimmee Florida
  19. Dry fly trout at Rockbourne hants
  20. Reef Shark on the fly rod - Florida Keys
  21. New video site
  22. Pike on the fly
  23. Sea Trout on the fly at Broadmead
  24. Pike on the willie gunn tube fly
  25. Gold produces silver
  26. pike on a torrish morangie fly
  27. Carp Fishing at Blue Pool Burghfield
  28. atlantic salmon on the fly willie gunn special
  29. Pike on a Alistair Gold Tube
  30. Monster Pike on the Fly
  31. Wild brown trout on the dangle
  32. Large Sea Trout on vid
  33. Lightning strikes twice
  34. 31 lb salmon caught on the Hampshire Avon
  35. atlantic salmon from dog kennel, hampshire avon on my birthday
  36. 18lb salmon on a mepps 5 silver blade
  37. 31lb cock fish from the royalty
  38. Battle with a 40lb plus avon salmon!
  39. Salmon on a weighted shrimp
  40. Perch, Pike, Chub and Carp vids
  41. Fly fishing for monster trout
  42. Tench and carp vid
  43. Fishing Red (Sockeye) Salmon & Halibut in Alaska
  44. 120 Pound Halibut Caught in Alaska
  45. Sea Trout and Thin Lipped Mullet - Christchurch Harbour
  46. salmon and sea trout on the mepps
  47. Perch on the mepps
  48. Is this a Salmon sea trout hybrid ?
  49. 7 Atlantic Salmon vids - the Hampshire Avon
  50. brown trout on the fly
  51. barbel on the fly
  52. wild brown trout on the river taw devon
  53. Cretelakes 7 40lbs plus fish
  54. atlantic salmon on a devon minnow
  55. Atlantic salmon on a posh tosh monkey fly
  56. atlantic salmon on a mepps 5 blue spot
  57. sea trout in christchurch harbour on the kayak
  58. anyone else caught a barbel on a mepps?
  59. what's the UK record for wild carp?
  60. large sea trout are running christchurch harbour
  61. atlantic salmon rise to the fly - double billing
  62. epic battle with a salmon on the fly
  63. New YouTube video/ account.....1st video up
  64. Preston Competition Pro Feeder Rods- Tackle Test- Video
  65. Best salmon year on the Hants avon for over 25 years !
  66. How can a person not like fishing ?
  67. New channel just I just started - should put a smile on your face and make u chuckle
  68. Salmon Fishing videos from Sweden and Finland!