Hemsworth water park/stubbs hall
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    Default Hemsworth water park/stubbs hall

    Hi to at forum

    Need advice on a particular venue named hemsworth water park there are to lakes here I would be fishing the match lake near carpark I am told think it maybe wakefield way not sure.

    Dont know this venue what species of fish does it hold methods depth bait to take etc.

    usually take pole and feeder anyone fished it of late and please could you give me advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also a week after need same advice on a venue called stubbs hall farm hampole south yorkshire.

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    stuffed with skimmers mate a few carp n loads of roach n perch . its shallow n normal pole n feeder tactics work . feed pole line n start on feeder.

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    start by cupping in chopped worm and casster with pellet mixed in at about 13 mts keep the feed going in througha pole mounted pot. worm caster and pellet hook baits,skimmers will move in first followed by tench.
    chuck a feeder /method out 30mts or so into deep trough looking to catch carp and tench
    pegs in the 30s are the ones to draw.
    its very shallow in some pegs but dont let that put you off.
    take your trolley or barrow ....its along walk
    if your pegged on the near bank watch your tackle as you will get a lot of kids wandering aboutwho could accidently fall onto it!!

    sorry never fished stubbs mate cant help you on that one
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    only fished smaal lake at hemsworth its full of silvers chopped worm and casters and you will not go wrong stubbs hall only fished it once but if you can get near the island fish pellet waggler for the carp


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