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    Quote Originally Posted by baz4662 View Post
    I agree...........If it is not stated then the ad should be removed, is the case if a price is not given, so why not location ??

    Interesting that the mods have not commented on this............ ( I will get my tin hat on now and wait for the short, sharp answer !! )
    Why would you need a tin hat,youve only asked a question and made a suggestion.
    The reason a location on a for sale is only a reccomendation and not compulsory is that not having a price led to bidding wars and vast aggrevation on the threads,not putting up a location is simply annoying but some people do not wish there location(however vague)published on an open forum,there is the option for members to put thier location on thier profile and it appears on every post but its not compulsory.
    Location and price for that matter should only be an issue to genuinely interested parties and an issue can be resolved with a pm.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Regards Peter.
    By the way it"s the mods on here who need the tin hats,we get more flak than than the RAF.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.

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    Hi Peter,
    I partly agree with what you are saying regarding location , but surely if they say ` collection only` then they should state where they are ??
    You should have no need for` tin hats `, it is a thankless job being an admin or moderator, but one that I do appreciate from a distance!

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