Please excuse my ignorance......
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    Default Please excuse my ignorance......

    but whats is a Pellet waggler rod and what is the difference between that and a normal waggler rod?


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    Hi simon,
    No need to apologise,if you don't ask,you'll never know.
    A pellet waggler rod tends to be short,typically 11' foot long,as it's designed for commercial fisheries,which tend to be tightly pegged and smaller,they're normally 2 piece rods aswell that can be left set up between sessions. They tend to have more of a through action aswell,as they're designed to land bigger fish without the hook pulling. A traditional waggler rod would be 12 or 13' and 3 piece. These tend to,mostly have a tippier action,that's better for punching out floats a lot further. Hope this helps.

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    Many thanks again Paul.


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