what would the following be worth ?
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    Default what would the following be worth ?

    may be looking to move the whole lot of this as a package

    14.5m MAP TKS 401, original version, no breaks chips cracks etc (inc match top 3)

    13m Map TKS 401 with 2 pro repairs to the no5 (inc match top 3)

    2 x MAP TKS margin poles (fit on the no 5, to give you top4/5) inc power kit in each

    2 TKS power kits (a repair to a number 2)

    3 x TKS match top 3s

    cupping kit

    so in theory you can set up 4 x top 5s on a river

    what would this be worth as a whole set up ?

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    I Could pay about £15 as long as you put new Elastic & put them in a Holdall .
    As you are aware Lee i am but a very Poor Destitute Pensioner Now !!
    that used to be a Match Angler but seems to have forgotten how to fish
    If i was to set up 1x top 5 on a River i wouldn't know what to do with it 4 of them
    i would be Sat on my box with my Head in my hands mumbling to myself
    wrapped in line & rigs ,
    surrounded by mounds of Carbon & Clumps of Hair
    Oh Well over to Serious Offers
    As a Package it would Cover all your River work & it would be up to the Job
    I will be using something similar that i can quite Happily USE & ABUSE
    without spending silly money
    Lee wont Rip you off he is a Gentleman ! 1 of the Good guys .


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