For sale
Matrix nemesis 16m pole comes with
5 powerkits with frenzee easy glide side pullas fitted
6 match kits 3 have had a wrap of carbon on the base where they had gone a bit soft
Cupping kit plus cups
2 mini extensions that fit from the 11.5m to the 16m sections
2 spare 4th sections
2 spare 5th sections one has a repair
The pole itself is in good/very good condition the only thing is that the 13m section has been repaired on the end where it goes into the 11.5m section after it was crushed it has got an internal sleeve and doesn't affect the pole in any way apart from the fact that you can't put the rest of the pole inside the 13m but I just store it in the 16m section instead.
Looking for £1200 collection from northants