I'm a 30 years old Swedish angler who lives with my wife 100 kilometers north Gothenburg. I like to vary my angling between different species and methods and love to experience new venues and, when possible, visit new countries.

Iíve been thinking about visiting the UK for some time but it has but it has not yet happened. Especially the barbel, which we donít have back in Sweden, interests me.

My idea:

I got good knowledge about the angling in my area, I got some rods and other equipment to lend and a spare room in my house. Iím also quite friendly and wouldnít mind showing a foreign angler around for a couple of days and maybe even get a new friend

If someone living in the UK feels like the description above also fits them maybe an exchange of angling experiences could be possible? You'll visit me and I'll visit you.

All needed would be a cheap flight tickets, light packing and a small amount of cash. A unique opportunity to experience angling abroad for a small amount of money. In other words, a really good deal for both parties.

So, what do you think? Anyone interested in further discussion?

Best regards / Patric Skoog