Middy xt15 and fusion top kits
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    Default Middy xt15 and fusion top kits

    I just bought a xt15 13.5m package second hand for son and when the need for long margin pole is needed!
    Pole came with 2 karp2 tops and 1 Match,wondered if newer top kits were much better and would the new f1 1 piece top kits they do now make it stiffer?
    Iím tempted to get a middy main pole later as know can interchange and was surprised how nice the 55-2 was when had ago on one!

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    I've got the last generation xt15 13M and top kits are a nightmare.

    Don't be tempted to cut down the match 3. You simply can't find them in stock anywhere. Stick a small bush on it and use it solely for silvers on light elastic. You can bush the number 2 if you want, but leave the number 1 well alone until you want to fish really light in winter. I've been searching since November and stock is still unavailable! So until you get a spare number 1 leave it as long and soft as possible!

    There are several variant of match top kit. Fusion Match 3, Match3 G16 (pulla), Fusion pro match 3, Match 3 pro16 (pulla). None are available.

    The Karp 2 G22 should be your go to top kit. It's stiff enough to take a decent sized pot, And can be run on light elastic if needed. It's not got the finesse of the match 3 but in a pickle (and when you can't find stock) should still be reasonable for fishing light. I have Karp 2's on 9, 11, 13, 15 elastics. You can also add another brand number 1 if you can find one that telescopes well.

    Because the XT is only 13.5M and most of the time you will be fishing under that you don't need the F1 fast taper. It's a situational top kit on the XT where you are using it for a specific reason. On a longer pole like the XK that probably changes as the extra length will certainly benefit from the fast taper, and you have more pole to get out so the length lost isn't so much an issue.

    If the match 3's were easy to get I would advise only those kits. They in effect are a top kit capable of taking up to 16 elastic, and have the option for the fine tip. So they meet all of the light work demands for the pole and pretty much all of the commercial aspects as well.

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    There is also another newer set of top kits called FDT. Ridiculously you have to replace the 4th section to make your pole Daiwa compatible...? Then buy middy FDT kits to fit on that section. I have no idea why they have done this.

    The match kits in this system are available. And you have to cut a whole heap off them.

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    Thanks for all the great info chaps,as said I got package for him for 110 quid so was not expensive to be fair!
    I will put pulla kits on them tho and put latex 8 or 10 in match kit for sure 👍
    I have decided either for the 35-2 the 55-2 or 65-2 really unsure which one to go for just yet!
    But at least this package will work with it
    I wondered why the fusion top kits are different colour as well to rest of the pole?
    Many thanks

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    Well taken the boy off to Landsend fisheryís near me tomorrow as mates family own it and going test the xt out 👍
    Changed top kits to latex and pulla kits so see how they do!!

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    You should do well. I was out today and the carp at my local have started to spawn.

    I ignored the margins (all the carp will be there spawning) and targeted the middle water at about 3ft on the chop. Fished 3 corn on a 12 hook, over a bed of F1/bream ground bait with corn and micro's. Put 2kg's of ground bait, 2Kg's of corn, 500g of micro's in over an 11 hour period. And was getting silvers and carp all day.

    I had 13 hollo on a karp2, and whilst it was a little too big for the sprats, when one of those carp took off it was very much needed.

    The rig used was a short pole float (4 inch), all bulk under the float, single dropper. Lot's of the big takes were done on the drop. All done on my own XT15, It was a joy to fish with it today so I hope you have a good day tomorrow with yours.

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    Well I can honestly say was very happy how the pole fished!!
    Used it at 13.5m to see how it felt and yes little heavy but then it is a margin pole mostly
    I had great day close in feeding dampen micros and fishing 8mm cubes meat but I never got down lakes til 1-30 and fished til 9
    Son had fab time on heís middy thriller!
    I used Preston blue hollow 15 sometimes just using the karp2 top kit and adding the no4 if needed
    Could not fault it,will later get the newer version I think as able to use the mk1 as spare as well!

    Glad to see had a few too mate

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    Glad to see you had a good day on it. The pole is very capable.

    I had another idea about top kits. The middy universal kits are widely available. You have to cut them down a little bit but those kits are basically karp2's that come pre elasticated.

    The older fusion universal comes with 16 solid, bushing, bung, stomfo, and is 22 rated.

    The big base variants apparently need cutting back more and they don't advise that you use them on the middy range of poles.

    I picked one up this weekend to see how much you need to cut off to make them work.

    I've picked up the non pull it version, and will play about with it at some point this week to see how much they need cutting back. At £28 each and with the extras at that price it might be worth the hassle of the cut back.

    I'll take a measurement of the 3 section before and after the cuts so I know how much I needed to remove and can do it again in the future. I'll make sure I pop those measurements on here as well.

    Like I say going to try and do it this week, But I might not get chance. Friday would probably be the day I do it If I get chance.

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    Sounds interesting this!
    Are be happy getting a few for sure,Wonder if newer xt15-2 is any stronger then mk1 or just lighter??

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    I cut that universal kit down today.

    Cut offcut is 9 1/2 inches. And the total length of the cut top kit is about 2 1/2 inches shorter than an uncut Karp2. The tapers mate correctly. The top kit feels as sturdy as a Karp2.


    Put Karp2 on number 4 and see how far onto the section the taper fits. Remove Karp2.

    Put Uni2 on number 4, Use thumb to mark how far onto section taper fits (it'll slide on some 13" or so).

    Remove Uni2 and sit the 4 and 3 next to each other, using the thumb as a guide for depth.

    Mark 3 at point where Karp2 sits on taper. Cut, Clean up and test.

    Looks like I'm going to be picking more of these up for myself. Can't beat a power top2 for £25.


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